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    What did Xemnas say?

    He says, "So it wasn't a fallacy". I uploaded two videos with him saying it. Here they are: 7c5D8FpZBpY vXve3O2Du1w
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    What struck you as odd?..

    Well the ending of KH1 was VERY odd for me. Somehow Kairi appears inside the dark abyss where Sora Donald and Goofy beat Xehanort's heartless and the land inside the abyss starts breaking apart. Then, suddenly,on one side of the land that splits, Destiny Islands sprouts up, and on the other side...
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    What does Roxas mean?

    In KH2 during the fight between Sora and Roxas, Roxas said to Sora, "Tell me. Tell me why he picked you." Who is this "he"? It's somebody that chose Sora for something. Is Roxas talking about Riku? What did Riku choose that's related to Sora? Riku picked Sora? I'm still confused to this very...
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    I think Namine explained this to Roxas once. Nobodies are just a group of people who want to become whole again. It is unknown if they are good or bad.
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    One thing I really hated about KHII related to the Heartless

    I never really thought about this... but, in KHII, you have to recall the 1000 heartless fight. That was epic. Also the spider robots in Space Paranoids drove me crazy. x_x
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    Oh Hi KH1 Xemnas did you get no Damaged?

    ... OH NO HE/SHE DIDN'T! Pros these days >_>
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    Something which EVERYONE needs to know... (SPOILERS ABOUT HEARTLESS AND NOBODIES)

    Drawing from my knowledge, If the heartless dies first and the heart returns to the nobody, then the nobody is restored back into original human form. It doesn't make sense for the original human form to be restored if they both die (heartless AND nobody), like you said.
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    bbs NA release

    It's widely speculated that it will be some time this year...
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    End of the World was epic for me. Difficult heartless fights and darkness everywhere. The absolute scene and embodiment of nothingness.
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    Which kingdom hearts game is better Kingdom hearts or Kingdom hearts 2?

    It's kind of hard to tell, because they both have good aspects to them. For example, Kingdom Hearts has more riddles and challenge to it and Kingdom Hearts II has a great Gummi System. I personally like them both equally, but that's just me.
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    BBS Site Update + Jump Festa 2010 Trailer

    So totally getting this game.
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    Is MX really evil?

    What? How is that sexy? o_o
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    How long in Castle Oblivion?

    I thought it took a year.
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    Why isn't Namine's name Kairi?

    It's just hair color, it doesn't matter. It's what the character does.
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    How come Riku never turned into a heartless?

    Isn't his keyblade called "The Road to Dawn"? That's what it said in KH2.
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    What level did you finish KH/KH2?

    I just finished KH1 at level 93-95...somewhere around there. First time I played KH2 I finished at level 58.
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    FM, Did Axel have a heart or didn't he?

    Just because he cries doesn't mean he has a heart. Nobodies have human capabilities and crying is one.
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    What is your favorite drive form?

    I personally like Final Form, since it's basically the best form in terms of strength. It also features glide and floating keyblades, now how can somebody not like that? xD What's strange is, you didn't include Limit Form. I would've chosen that over Final Form, mainly because it's pretty strong...
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    Alice's Character

    Hmm, I personally thought Jane or Ariel would've been a better candidate than Alice.
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    How come Riku never turned into a heartless?

    Riku did harness and utilize the power of darkness. However, he didn't let that darkness overcome his heart. He was pretty much about to become a heartless, but he goes on the "road to dawn" eventually.