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    Another VA Confirmed.

    Considering we get VAs for stuff like Genie and Jack, I think Org 13 actors deserve VA. Not to mention if they are playable characters, they need SFX for attacks and such And like someoene else stated, we don't know how much of the Org members we will see before the CO experince
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    Translated Days Gameplay Footage (Re:Riplai)

    Was it just me or did the player really suck as Roxas lol And wow, Roxas has Alzheimers
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    Possible unnoticed connections involving unbirths and Terra

    Terra is standing still cause he just destroyed some BA machine behind him (the one that looks like flying machine at end of KH2) Looking at it from that point, it would make sense that Terra's "unbirth" would return to him at that point seeing as the fight is now over. This has been noticed...
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    My first shot at a theory: Master Xehanort and the Darkness Soldier

    I like it alot. I think that MX did test himself, maybe not on Heartless and Nobodies (I still think that DS is a Heartless, regardless to what Nomura says, but that's my opinion) And yes, it does get quite fan-fictiony towards the end. And you don't use a Terra+MX=Xehanort theory in this...
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    358/2 days... meaning?

    While 358 is most likely to do with Roxas' life in the Org, whether in the Org, or being alive, or whatever the formula is. We don't know how long HB --> CO took in time, so we can't make 100% decisions on that. I think the 2 part refers to Roxas and Riku though. I somehow relate 358/2 Days to...
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    14th member seems pointless; spoilers

    Agreed w/ Rain. Everyone is acting like we know EVERYTHING about Xion, when we've seen about 2 minutes worth of footage of her. Think of Riku. Take 2 minutes of random clips throughout Re:CoM. Do we know everything about Riku now? No we bloody don't. And we don't know ANYTHING about Xion
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    14th member seems pointless; spoilers

    Org 13 is set up to be mysterious. We're going to learn about the original 6 members in BBS because of their Somebodies being Ansem's apprentices, and that will influence their nobodies. And its not like Xion is "Stealing" the show. She's been shown in the trailers because we WANT to know about...
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    14th member seems pointless; spoilers

    Foreshadowing cannot exist unless you know the before AND after events... And as tower said it (in a none blob of text) games can introduce characters and still have effect. FF7:CC is a perfect example of that with Angeal. Also, I noticed when I played it I got to know the characters alot...
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    Riku's blindfold

    The idea of a magic blindfold that removes/lets darkness in the body seems odd.... And why not simply put the blindfold back on after the fight with Roxas to revert back to his regular form? Instead he puts his hood up to hide from DiZ And also, in the scene where Mickey and RIku meet, we...
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    Riku's blindfold

    The fact that every time we've seen Riku in the trailer except for the scene where he's about to fight Roxas, he's been in the presense of Xion, who resembles Kairi. And we've seen him fight her at least once. How about when he becomes "purified" of Ansem SoD in KH2, he appears WITH the...
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    Possible Cover Art for 358/2 Days...

    It might be nice on the back art, but def not the front art. Far to light to be front art. And @ Audo, it would go well with the other start screens we've seen, except alot of the have been basic, and its been JUST Sora (Or Just Riku in the case of R/R) so having 4 characters might be a bit of...
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    Riku's blindfold

    he could also see with the blindfold on, most likely from sensing darkness Yes but notice Riku's line after? "You really are his nobody" he edged Roxas to act like Sora because he wanted confirmation. He wanted to know it was really his nobody, and not him. Its quite obvious Riku wasn't...
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    Riku's blindfold

    What I mean by helping is it would be hard for Riku to fight his friend, but if he couldn't see his physical apperance, then he could fight Roxas without having that guilt of fighting Sora
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    Riku's blindfold

    I always assumed the blind fold's purpose was to help him fight Roxas. I thought that Riku couldn't fight Roxas because he looked like Sora, so he wore the blindfold so he didn't have to see the resemblance between the two. If you say its to keep the darkness at bay, then how come when he lifts...
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    Vens Purpose

    Yeah, taking a letter out of someone's name in Kingdom Hearts is completely unheard off *looks at Org 13*.... But no, Don't see that happening; however original it may be.
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    Help/Support ► Girl Advice Needed

    Remember, that those that look for patterns will find them. Meaning that if you want her to like you, you will notice things that will make her seem like she likes you At the same time, don't be afraid to ask her to go out sometime. Just explain to her that you care for her and would like to...
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    Am I Alone on This?

    If XH in CoM is fabricated from memories from Riku, could Mickey's memories of him influence him as well.
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    Theory on Keyblades

    After seeing someone's explaination (SA's maybe?) on how Kairi got a keyblade and is not a keyblade master, I came up with this idea. Keyblades are the products of previous keyblade masters, and keychains from memories. What I mean by that, is that in order to weild a keyblade, a previous...
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    Am I Alone on This?

    Lol love the ending. But is the XH in Re:CoM just memories turned real? And if so could XH use Mickey's memories of him to "be real"?
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    I need help!! Riku Replica 2 keeps killing me!!

    I always used Strike Raid so I could pull off a free heal on Repliku 3+4. If you're having troubles, and not using sleights its probably because you're taking to long to kill him, or you can't reload your cures fast enough. Get more cures, preload your deck, or get better attack cards to fix...