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  1. heartofdreams

    Fanfiction ► ~Wish~

    that's wonderful sis, eee (jumps up and down) i'm that friend XD aw what you said was sweet (hugs) you seriously should post more of your story up on here i think people would enjoy it and it would spread the Galerian love ^^
  2. heartofdreams

    Fanfiction ► Change

    aw thank you very much khlover001 ^.^
  3. heartofdreams

    Fanfiction ► Change

    musical, i like the sound of that! :D thanks
  4. heartofdreams

    Fanfiction ► Change

    Here and there with fairytales, as happy as can be. Then you finally come to realise, They aren’t what they seem, Things you first believed in, Believed in so true, Suddenly they’re gone, And you’re no longer you, The magic has all faded, And all remains is this, A world of pain and lies...
  5. heartofdreams

    Parasite Eve 3rd Birthday a Phone Game

    The next installment for the Parasite Eve series has been confirmed to be on the mobile phone in Japan. There's not much imformation on this title at the present time, however news of this mobile phone game has been shown on WikiPedia and Gamespot and other forum sites...
  6. heartofdreams

    New Sora 3D Animation!

    UPDATE! This is from the same person (chrissquarefan) who made the 3d figure of sora from kh1 dance (which is below) YouTube - Sora balley The new ones are, Sora does a new little dance YouTube - Sora dancing! And Sora decides to become a fashion model; i always wonder how he would look...
  7. heartofdreams

    Sora 3D model DANCING!?

    Seriously this person has somehow made the kh1 model of Sora into a ballerina! o_o YouTube - Sora balley
  8. heartofdreams

    Fanfiction ► Listen to my voice

    Listen to my voice Can you hear what I’m thinking? You were here yesterday But now you’re not I can’t reach you by cell phone Or by the bus Not even by air You’ve gone far away And you’re not coming back You’ll never come back And now I know why You were looking so peaceful Too peaceful to...
  9. heartofdreams

    Dramatic Hearts XD "Spoilers"

    Hahah another funny episode, that make a baby part nearly killed me! haha! o.o Handsome is Riku's father....XD A shame you don't have these shown on kh-vids anymore...DH site ooo (checks out link on your sig)
  10. heartofdreams

    Fanfiction ► Not The Same

    Aw thank you, you're all so sweet ^_^
  11. heartofdreams

    Fanfiction ► Not The Same

    In the centre of the street I find myself stopping Pausing on that journey While others carried on Moving to one side I sit down on the grass Falling very quiet Watching the world go by Watching all those people All with busy tasks All with busy lives What makes me different from them? I see...
  12. heartofdreams

    All Kingdom Hearts 2 Credits Scenes Fullscreen!

    YouTube - All Kingdom Hearts 2 small scenes Fullscreen! Someone named Sorastar542 on youtube has beautifully put together a video where all those scenes shown in the kingdom hearts 2 are on full screen, you can download the video too, but don't claim it as your own as she stresses. They run...
  13. heartofdreams

    CoM's ending

    I didn't mind really, they'd forgotten so how could they. but the thing only i felt bad was that Sora and co never got to thank Namine, i found it sad that she wasn't there when they woke up and they never really got to speak again, not fully really.
  14. heartofdreams

    Fanfiction ► Could you really?

    Did you ever feel so tiny? When you saw them, Those dolls with paint for make up, And short skirts for dresses Did you ever feel so sad? When they pointed and laughed at you? Like you were a freak show, Their remarks a dozen broken records, Heard so many times, Playing over and over. Did you...
  15. heartofdreams

    Fanfiction ► Tips on skill building: Giving your story emotional weight

    Yeah, and um about the thing a page back on Shirozora I know it was a few months ago but I’m still saying it ^^’ and I’m not approaching or writing this with anger in my words so relax ^_^. Listen, Shiro’s not an amateur writer, I’ve seen her work and I have the privilege in being her friend as...
  16. heartofdreams

    Fanfiction ► A Whisper in the Winter

    A whisper in the winters' breeze touches my ear... But...is it truly there at all? Or, is it just the voices in my dreams again? Wanting to slip into reality? My mind can’t seem to focus anymore… Why aren’t you here? Sitting there by my side? You said you always would be… But, you left me...
  17. heartofdreams

    Fanfiction ► What is Love?

    What is love? Is it that warm feeling you get inside your heart? A close friendship you have to another? That need to always be with them? Is that all love is? How can you know what love is? When you use it so recklessly, Falling in and out of love, Like it is simply a tiny part...
  18. heartofdreams

    The Strange Adventures of Riku, Final Episode

    YouTube - The Strange Adventures of Riku Part Two Warning: if you haven't seen the other episodes don't watch this one just yet otherwise you'll spoil the endings for them x.x I've "FINALLY" gotten around to posting up the final part to Riku's episode, boy it took a lot of work. Since this...
  19. heartofdreams

    KH2:FM+ Scenes

    Re: KH2:FM+ Scenes [Post Videos Here] I just found another re:com cutscene with Riku, it has cutscenes running up to, and after a boss fight with Ansem YouTube - キングダムハーツ Re:チェインオブメモリーズ リクvsアンセム
  20. heartofdreams

    Dramatic Hearts XD "Spoilers"

    (raises hand) er, can you be my daddy too? i don't see mine much....