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  1. Zak1403

    Theory: the Master of Master's motive (sort of)

    I see it this way, the Master knows everything that will happen up until the second Keyblade war (KHIII) because his eye still exsists in No Name during present day. The Last Page is obviously about the second Keyblade war where Xehanort will succeed and the light will be lost in darkness. It...
  2. Zak1403

    Purebred Heartless - The 'New' Enemy

    I see what you're saying! If the world gives wat to darkness after the 7 and 13 clash it would be pretty cool new and malicious Purebloods to fill the worlds, the likes of which we have never seen before. I do hope they introduce a fair amount of new Pureblood Heartless, if not in KH3 then for...
  3. Zak1403

    Classic Command System or Command Deck?

    I really do enjoy the command system and it just feels like it's a part of Aqua's play style. So I'm all for the command system, but I understand why some people don't enjoy it as much.
  4. Zak1403

    Foreteller Animal Emblems = Symbolism?

    I'd say Aqua would be more connected to the trait of immortality in relation to the snake, seeing as how she has basically survived over a decade in a place filled with immense darkness. Gosh I couldn't even begin to fathom how she has retained her sanity knowing her friends are basically...
  5. Zak1403

    Foreteller Animal Emblems = Symbolism?

    I'd say if it were a ram it does connect to Xehanort a fair bit. "Going beyond fear into complete faith, the Ram is sure footed and boldly leaps where others will not go, creating his own path, a path meant just for him. Ram has prepared and practiced his maneuvers his whole life, and he knows...
  6. Zak1403

    [Theory] The Re:Coded & Chi Connection

    Yes, but that doesn't tell us how he knew about the existence of Data Sora.
  7. Zak1403

    [Theory] The Re:Coded & Chi Connection

    I going to bump this thred up. With the new Maleficent and Pete scene in Re:Coded it gives more fact to this theory. What do you think Maleficent will actually do when/or if she gets her hands on the data? Is she only after worlds to conquer or will she finally have some deeper plan, of at least...
  8. Zak1403

    [Theory] The Re:Coded & Chi Connection

    So I had this thought a few days ago, but now with the confirmation that the secret ending of 2.5's Re:Coded will link to Chi I find it much more possible. This theory explores the connections between Re:Coded and Chi and how this titles lead to the main story of KHIII. The basis of this...
  9. Zak1403

    For those who have already have KH3D, what do you think so far?

    Re: For those who have already got DDD in Europe/Australia, what did you think so far? Those things are so kupoing annoying! Always try to kill them first.
  10. Zak1403

    I've got a couple of questions and some food for thought.

    Yes, this would be the way destiny has worked it self out to allow the events to happen. Totally forgot that... Disregard everything I said, how ebmarrassing.
  11. Zak1403

    How do you get...

    I also think that the level of health you lose throughout effect the final rank.
  12. Zak1403

    I've got a couple of questions and some food for thought.

    I think that Timeless River is more like the memories of Disney Castle trapped within the portal - hence why Sora and Co. could change the events. I wouldn't say this is time travel more like entering into a different form of the world trapped in a loop of memory. As for the time travel that...
  13. Zak1403

    For those who have already have KH3D, what do you think so far?

    Re: For those who have already got DDD in Europe/Australia, what did you think so far? JUST GOT MY COPY!!! Rushing home to play it now!!
  14. Zak1403

    KH3D E3 2012 Trailer Released!

    Nope. In the special trailer Yen Sid said to Mickey - "Where will you go?" and now he says "How?"
  15. Zak1403

    KH3D E3 2012 Trailer Released!

    I really like the fact that they decided to change some of the dialogue in some scenes. It feels like it ready to play now!
  16. Zak1403

    Answer to the "Paradox"

    This seems to make the most sense... But it seems that nobody is able to explain how YMX was able to bring Ansem and Xemnas into the future... Because that would have meant they didn't get defeated by Sora and thus time was alter - which YMX explained cannot happen. The only way this can work...
  17. Zak1403

    Whole Ending Explanation?

    It seems she is being trained by Yen Sid as well as Lea, buts it's still unclear. As for the RoL or RoS - I'm not sure, I thought that by unlocking Traverse Towns keyhole of sleep it would be restored to the realm of light. And this I why Sora is wearing his KHII cloths. But the fact that Sora's...
  18. Zak1403

    (!!!!!SPOILER!!!!!) larxene??

    As well as Zexion and Lexaeus. And maybe even Vexen.
  19. Zak1403

    (!!!!!SPOILER!!!!!) larxene??

    Not that we know of. The game mainly focuses of the 6 apprentices + Isa and Lea. The rest of the organization are shown (possibly - there are 13 clocked figures - however they are not the entire organization) but have hoods on. The people we know that were in the group are - YMX Ansem SoD...
  20. Zak1403


    But most of them besides - Xemnas, Siax(?), Xigbar(?) and Axel - didn't know that they had these new born hearts.