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  1. yamibakura95

    CRAZY theory about Namine and Subject X

    Here it goes: Subject X loses her heart at some point and similarly to Ventus and Sora's relationship, her lost heart finds its way into young Kairi's (this is before Kairi is sent away by apprentice Xehanort). But where did the body go? I will assume that it went in a libo state, existing but...
  2. yamibakura95

    Was Apprentice Xehanort trying to save Radiant Garden?

    In KH3 though he blames Ansem, saying "All these children sacrificied in your research" impliying that he had Ansem's permission for some of his experiments. I alsocant really tell how much of AX is MX. To me, it seems like he was a different person, sure he was just as ruthless and pragmatic as...
  3. yamibakura95

    I just beat Zexion's AS at 16 before getting Trinity

    This fight is bullshit. Its very RNG based at this point of the game. Sometimes he is passive and lets you hit him, sometimes he gets speedy and kicks you. The worst thing that can happen is getting sucked into his book world when he uses his AoE attack which can one shot you. You can dodge it...
  4. yamibakura95

    KHUX ► So,What is Ventus' age excatly?

    In BBS, we see that he was younger in flashbacks (around 10-12) but in union cross he is his current age (around 14-15). If he trime travelled from the past, why would he be younger than he was when he left his time?
  5. yamibakura95

    Xehanort is pure evil

    Nah he just evil
  6. yamibakura95

    Help/Support ► Im a worthless 25 yo virgin

    it means you are genetically INFERIOR its actually 100% true i dont know, they cut me off very early cope. if she wants to fuck she will fuck from the getgo nah they never help because they DONT CARE
  7. yamibakura95

    Help/Support ► Im a worthless 25 yo virgin

    i dont blame women, i blame female nature. its pure evil. lol they reject without even getting to know me. ITS ALL LOOKS
  8. yamibakura95

    How exactly did Master Xehanort come back in his old body?

    is mirage arena canon though?
  9. yamibakura95

    I still have nightmares from KH2's prologue

    these are like nightmare fuel digimon
  10. yamibakura95

    Xehanort got lucky really

    is the mirage arena canon though?
  11. yamibakura95

    Xehanort is pure evil

    The way he straight up kills Kairi without any warning just to get on with his plan is incredibly brutal. And notice how he smiles doing it, he enjoys killing.
  12. yamibakura95

    How exactly did Master Xehanort come back in his old body?

    did he account for the posibility of losing to Sora though? but in the kh wiki it says that mind and soul are synonyms.
  13. yamibakura95

    I still have nightmares from KH2's prologue

    The fact that Roxas was trapped inside a computer world without any way out was extremely creepy. Like imagine if everyone you know was revelealed to be an AI and that the realest things you can meet are nobodies.
  14. yamibakura95

    I started a new game on KH2FM critical

    So far so good, 0 deaths. Im still in the tutorial lmao. The first axel fight scares me tbh ngl.
  15. yamibakura95

    Will we ever see Sora's mother?

    unrealities too
  16. yamibakura95

    I actually enjoyed Chocobo Racing in FFX

    I know most people hate it but i found it fun. Probably because i played lots of Sonic games and the music is super catchy. I sucked at it at first but i just sat there for a couple of hours and got the sigil (i played with a keyboard btw).
  17. yamibakura95

    My favorite couple