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    He says the Superior entrusted him with CO and Namine, making me think they had her before CoM. Plus Days takes place before the gang gets sent to CO.
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    Ok so I don't know if anyone can actually answer this question, but here goes. Does Days explain how Namine ended up in the Organization's hands? Like, when she was "born," did Xemnas somehow find her like he found Roxas and knew she could alter Sora's memories? Try not to spoil me too much...
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    English Videos and Screenshots

    Good point. They are still both surprised she could use the keyblade, so does that mean Xion didn't have her own keyblade yet? Or was her weapon regarded as a regular old keyblade and Roxas had "the keyblade." Damn video out of context haha
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    English Videos and Screenshots

    Hey look what I can do! *SLASH* Oh I didn't know I could do that. If I were Roxas, I'd be wtf that's MY keyblade! Hands off! haha And mad at the fact that I was fighting Darkside for awhile and Xion is just standing there, hits it with one swing, and it dies. Of course we don't know if Xion was...
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    English Videos and Screenshots

    Wow that preview event video was kinda pathetic. I'm hoping that there was more to it than what they show, like Roxas fighting it before he gets the keyblade knocked away.
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    Vexen's laugh

    It's creepy, but it gives him that mad scientist persona. There's always Turkey Vexen link:YouTube - Turkey Vexen
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    English Videos and Screenshots

    If you keep looking, they are translated into English a page or two later.
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    English Videos and Screenshots

    I think the audio is overmodulated, so that's why Xaldin's voice sounds weird. Just a matter of recording, not the actual game. At least, I hope that's the case. He might be saying, this will keep you down or this will teach you *grunts*? I have no clue. Stupid dying noise >.< Also, either the...
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    What level did you beat...

    For Marluxia I think level 50ish. Ansem, no clue. I liked Marluxia's fight better bc he's one of my favorite characters plus he was actually difficult in third form. For Ansem, I kept card dueling him and won first try.
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    Should I buy Days?

    True, but it's just not the same. I did that with re:com - read what happened and watched cutscenes multiple times on You Tube. It wasn't enough so I bought the game anyway. Kinda ruined the game then bc I already knew what was going to happen, but the fights were pretty cool. Well, the org...
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    Should I buy Days?

    See, I just recently graduated college and looking for a career-related job. I also owe $17,000 in loans which I need to start paying back in November. That's why I'm having trouble justifying buying a DS.
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    Should I buy Days?

    Game wise or console wise? I'm just concerned that I won't have that many games for DS. Sure, I saw Guitar Hero and something else (can't remember), but no major titles. Money is a huge issue for me, so I'm just trying to justify buying a DS O:) I did see it on sale for $99 at Target last week...
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    Should I buy Days?

    I'm like you as to whether I should buy it, but mine's for a different reason. If I already owned a DS, I would buy it, but since Days is the only reason I would buy a DS, I'm not sure if I can blow the extra $100-some for just one game. Yea there are other games, but it's not like PSP where I...
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    Is it just me?

    Arrange your cards so you have about 4 or 5 sonic blades in a row. Hit him sleight after sleight so he doesn't get a chance to fight. Then use an item card (whichever one brings back all your unreloadable cards) and repeat. Pack a few zeroes as well.
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    Amazon Discount and Slip Cover for 358/2 Days

    Slip covers for games and movies annoy me. What's the point if the cover and the game have the same exact image anyway? It's not like the game was one image and the slip cover was a completely different one. Then it might be slightly worth it.
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    Swap Magic & re: CoM.

    I would say yes bc I think it's better to have VA than no VA (despite what people think of the VA. Personally, I thought it was fine). The question is how much more money would it cost you? The game here is $30 US, so I probably wouldn't pay more than $40 US unless you plan on buying more games...
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    Was this game better for PS2?

    I've only played recom, so I had no room for giving voices to characters, but I can see why you were disappointed if you had something completely different in your head.
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    358/2 DAYS!

    Not saying all high schoolers are like that. Just that there's more...drama for lack of a better word. When there is a sarcastic/harsh comment, I look at the age, and most of the time, the person is under 18. Just an observation.
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    358/2 days problem

    Tell her either you are spending your money on the game or you are spending the money on drugs. When you put it in that perspective, she'll appreciate that you are playing a video game and not on the streets doing who knows what haha Ok joking aside. If it's your hard-earned money, I don't see...
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    Was this game better for PS2?

    I didn't think it was horrible either. The Japanese VAs were a little creepy, but the English ones were ok. Axel's was a little off bc he was more of a smart ass in recom compared to kh2. Some say it's bc of Roxas but he already knew Roxas during recom.