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    Critical Mode?

    I always start on the most difficult setting, and Critical Mode is very hard. Very. Im pretty sure I died 7 or 8 times on the first boss alone because the enemies hit so hard and your HP isnt that high. But keep on trucking lol
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    New Re:coded "Special trailer".

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    Roxas vs. Sora

    Im in love with Roxas, so Roxas... :love: (25 characters)
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    Alice's Character

    That's true, we don't know what qualities it takes to be a PoH, but we can still compare her to the other PoH's, and we can get an educated guess on what is required. So, hopefully, BBS will give us an exact formula for PoH-ness, and we will understand why Alice is a PoH. Because I certainly...
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    I really CANNOT wait for the realese of BBS. By all extents I AM A HUGE KH FAN, and my life is not complete until BBS comes out, and then my life wont be complete until "Mystery Game" is out, but yeah. STOKED CANNOT WAIT GIVE IT TO ME TERRA IS THE SHIT! Yep!
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    What is your favorite drive form?

    My favorite is Final, but the thing about it is the fact that once you start attacking, you have to wait like 3 seconds once Sora gets rolling for him to stop, and if you have already defeated everything, its just wasting time off of your Drive Gauge. My second favorite is wisdom. Its different...
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    Kingdom Hearts makes "Top 30 Games Of The Past Decade"

    I'm glad that Kingdom Hearts made the lst, we all know its the best game ver anyways. But I really didn't like how they did it. Ocarina of Time is definatly one of the best games, but they gave it to Majora's Mask, which in its own right, was pretty good, but not second game OF THE DECADE...
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    Alice's Character

    Yeah, I really think that Ariel isn't PoH because of that sole fact that she's a mermaid. I just dont like the fact that they picked Alice. I dont see the qualities of the other PoH's in Alice. And if not Ariel, then Pocahontas or Esmerelda. There are so many better choices than Alice, but I...
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    Alice's Character

    Well, Alice is not necessarily who I would profile is a princess, or a PoH. Ariel fits that mold a whole lot better. But hopefully BBS will give us more information on what it takes to be a PoH, and why the ones that are PoH, are PoH...
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    Alice's Character

    See thats where KH makes me a little mad. Ariel is a princess, it would make sense to make her a PoH, and if it doesnt make sense, it at least makes more sense than making Alice a PoH because she isnt a princess. At all... And if you wanna get really technical, Alice becomes a queen in "Through...
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    New Famitsu Scans

    CUTE KAIRI! That would be awesome... ...except they need to do it in a rythmn game. "I hate Keybladers yes I do! I hate them because (spoilers)!" X... X... X... ^ sarcasm
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    Birth by Sleep Not Coming to the PSP Go?

    Geez, hopefully its just a rumor because I would feel bad for all of you with a PSP Go.
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    Marluxia's Element

    Marluxia is one of my favortie characters. He is amazing. At first I honestly thought he was a woman, but if you look at his face, he actually has typical male features to his face. Then theres the hair... BUT STILL HE IS AWESOME!
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    Kairi's keyblade?

    Smile I think you are completely right. Ive read this whole thread and everything you say (argue lol) is on the dot. I believe you have truly hit the mark on this one. Is it weird that I think that Kairi's Keyblade (er... the one lent to her) is cool looking. Not that i would want to see Sora...
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    Pollux Engine = Days FM & Wii Port?

    Sounds like a good idea for SE to make the FM on Wii system. I have heard of Echoes of Time, and I thought that it was pretty neat that both the games from DS and Wii were the same game, and were able to Multiplayer, regardless of what system the game was being played on. If SE did make a FM...
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    Dream Waltz? Thats sounds pretty neat! I would love to see Ariel though. Some sort of singing attack, or maybe she throws forks at enemies? lol
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    axel caring about sora

    But there is no evidence that Axel had a connection to Sora. Yeah sure he helped him in CoD, but thats because I belive that Axel and some of the other Nobodies have feelings and emotions that mirror those of when they were humans. And as far as Roxas goes, the Org. didnt even know about Roxas...
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    axel caring about sora

    Well, that makes no sense because Axel didn't know Sora in CoM...
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    Making a comeback, its DeltasLight!

    Hey guys! I joined last March but I only posted one time. Hah! But now with Days out in Japan I thought I would come back, maybe even be more active...? Well, my real name is Gamal and I reeeaaally love KH. I mean I read the whole Wikipedia page for KH, not to mention the Square-Enix and Final...
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    axel caring about sora

    Haha I think we have all been there. Thats why it strikes me odd that I havent seen this particular one.