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  1. dwaynep

    Petes banishment and escape, plus some awesome ice cream SUBBED

    Re: Petes banishment and Ice cream sub! Nomura is a lier! i thought mickey meant he was banished from the castle
  2. dwaynep

    Who should be Sora's master? Ventus or Aqua?

    guess we got a winner into this "argument"
  3. dwaynep

    TAV keyblades in KH2 Secret Ending

    cud there be a possibility that aqua gave the way to dawn to riku in the realm of darkness? just a thought. but i still believe that rikus soul eater is the wtd
  4. dwaynep

    What Have You Done - The first Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep AMV since its release! *WATCH NOW!*

    you could of done better. what movie maker do u use? i suggest vegas if you them krazy amvs
  5. dwaynep

    Favourite Lines in 358/2?

    my favorite quote too aha lool lolz
  6. dwaynep

    Master Eraqus

    ME looks like the father of mulan lol
  7. dwaynep

    Master Eraqus

    he didnt underestimate shit lolz. that's y in the beginning he knew that terra would fall into darkness, knowing that darkness within him would cause bad things.
  8. dwaynep

    Explain the Sora Connection part.

    cause hes capable of opening the door to light and that his heart can connect with any heart
  9. dwaynep

    ...wtf? Nomura is an IDIOT.

    lolz this kid needs to chill, its just a game. no point onto going nerd rage on nomura
  10. dwaynep

    Whose ending has shocked you most?

    id have to say terra ending
  11. dwaynep


    ohh ic, so atw still lives on after blowing himself up in the world that never was?
  12. dwaynep

    This game is not for children anymore

    lolz i was in 6th grade when i played kh1. im a freaken junior now aha
  13. dwaynep

    Yen sid's a master!!!

    hes a master of magic but a keyblade master? well see to it if he is in the future
  14. dwaynep

    I Have a Good Feeling.

    i heard theres gonna be a new game. kh another dive
  15. dwaynep

    Question about SECRET ENDING!(spoilers)

    w8. since when was there two beaches?
  16. dwaynep

    Question about SECRET ENDING!(spoilers)

    ummm ansem blew up in kh2 and as for aqua, she must have ran off from the dark beach to another world
  17. dwaynep

    Theory on the next KH game

    xion, axel and all of organization members are all dead man. the only ones sora can save is terra and ven. sora might stumble upon aqua in the new game as well
  18. dwaynep

    Secret ending, perfect quality and WITH SOUND.

    epic thnx for the post <33333
  19. dwaynep

    Why are Ven's eyes lifeless? because he's DEAD!

    the only way you can die in the kh universe is by "disappearing"
  20. dwaynep

    What did you do to beat Sephiroth?

    i beat him in lvl 44 with oathkeeper