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    vanitas is xehanort

    Well its kinda annoying when you want to read theories about Vanitas being Xehanort and theres about 3 of the same threads of the same name on just one page when they can perfectly put into one. Infact i believe we are not complaining enough
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    Speculation of the E.S Battle (Spoilers Knights names and possibly Old man's)

    Yea same When he looks at the screen angry and his eyes start to turn from blue to orange i thought for sure this has to be xenhaort
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    KH2's Dumbest Quotes.

    Unless your trying to say that these quotes should be taken out of KHII: Fianl Mix+ should'nt this be posted in the KH II section?
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    Riku's eyes...

    1. scary pic of sora!! 2. rikus eyes were always green, like a teel green
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    Memories of Xehanort

    well dont credit me credit violent anger he came up with that theory and i do agree with you with the series to connect xehanort's past. sounds interesting
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    Diz talking: Sora getting his memory back

    it sounds like xemnas but its really Riku because the guy who does xemnas voice does Xenhoart/rikus voice and because they didn't have Billy Zane who was ansem in kh1 to do the voice Xenhoart.
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    Memories of Xehanort

    oo yea nice theory.. mabye cracked the TN code there violent anger
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    Memories of Xehanort

    im not sure who came up with this but it sounds really good to me so ill let u guys hear it. ok so if you unscramble Xehanort you come up with no heart and another. So mabey TN is trying to say MEMORIES OF ANOTHER possiably zexion or someone else. damm who came up with this?????/:confused:
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    3rd Symbol Artwork (Unnoficial)

    ..........AXELS WEAPON? anyone?
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    3rd Symbol Artwork (Unnoficial)

    ya, and if you look at the heartless symbol the heartless symbol doesn't have the X in it
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    it maybe obivious that you dont include the X in the name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Organization Tomb pics

    If he fused back with sora wouldn't his tomb dissappear i mean hes not a nobody anymore.
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    Artwork <spoilers i guess>

    I dont think they would make an artwork for them that would be giving the game away.
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    Riku doesn't have a real keyblade

    OMG you might be on to something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok here i go. mabey this takes place before the time of sora and that these keybladers found these keyblades they were friends but something happens and they all go there seperate ways or mabye becoming enemys, the person who used Rikus was a...
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    Riku doesn't have a real keyblade

    Sorry i know im not MYINNERFRED but i personally think its the light EX. look at deep dive there was really no GEU and the GEU never came out of a rock nor did nave a heartless symbol on his cheast.
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    Riku doesn't have a real keyblade

    and because at the end of kh2 we see all three of them toghter( kari,sora,riku) and that was really what sora wanted to achieve <HIGHLIGHT
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    Riku doesn't have a real keyblade

    ya, I was just thinking that there the new wielders because remember how the keyblade appeares in your hand because its grown to you in some way why can these guys pick them up ,either its original 3 ( witch i doubt because mickey is nothing comparied to that hight ) or there the new wielders...
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    Riku doesn't have a real keyblade

    No they dont MYINNERFRED is right besides even if they did have keychains would'nt they have just picked them up instead of travilling to the middle( it would of saved on hell of a trip) My theory is that they saw these 3 Swords(,ill explain later) in the midde and were curious why they were in...
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    Riku doesn't have a real keyblade

    OMG!!! First- you count Roxas as a new keyblade wielder hes fused with sora and is soras nobody so sora= roxas Second-Rikus keyblades real his sord evalves into a keyblade the keyblade of Twilight (kinda how when Roxas struggle sword turns into a keyblade) but Rickus cant turn back into the soul...