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    Gummi Ships

    When creating your own gummi ship there is a 'cost' of how much can be on your ship...is there anyway you can bring the raise up (I already used the ability to sacrifice one tenny sheep for more cost)
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    I'm missing one sleight can anybody help???

    I'm level 83 and I'm just leveling up to 99 trying to beat them game fully and I'm missing one sleight... -When you go to edit your deck and press square it shows you sleights and one of mine is ????????? its in between Thunder Raid and Firaga burst i did all the key to...
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    Wats an easy way to get key to reward cards???

    I found an easy way... I'm going through all the worlds and opening the key to rewards rooms -You can only hold one key to rewards card at a time so dont waste your time trying to get like 10 at once -When you want a key to rewards card go to Destinty Island and get in as many battles until you...
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    Wats an easy way to get key to reward cards???

    i beat the game and I'm going through the worlds opening the key to rewards room opening the chests but i ran out of cards to open them...whats an easy way to get the "key to rewards card"
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    Would anybody happen to have???

    There was this site that was like a page on the whole description of KH3 and it actually explained the trailer wit the 3 characters(one looking like Roxas) the road of keyblades and sometin about Chasers
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    What system???

    Whenever I looked up somewhere about Final Mix II+ (and i think there is just a Final Mix I & II idk) it says it wasn't released in USA :( only Japan so what can I actually get it for to play wit???
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    Riku's R/R question

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    Riku's R/R question

    IF you mean how I use that blank black card yeah I get them back instantly but after a while I only get like one or two cards back and there is no way to get them back
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    Hardest Re:CoM Boss?

    Axel the second time before Marluxia hands down. I had to level up atleast 10 times and change my deck everytime cause he always broke everything or the sleights were weak And after I beat him I beat Marluxia in one try I thought he would be hard but I beat him about 3 times Axel should've...
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    I need somebody to explain something???

    I thought playing this would explain something inbetween one and two would explain alot but I dont understand what it has to do w/ Sora at all...all I kon is why Sora is in that sleeping pod in #2 and what happened to Riku So can anybody explain whats been goin on and what is proves
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    Riku's R/R question

    Oh I'm in Wonderland and my cards suck and when I fight the Joker thing I run out of cards quick and its not like I can use an elixer to get them back so what do i do when I only have like one card in my deck
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    Riku's R/R question

    I'm doing Riku's Reverse/Rebirth and have a question... I know you cant edit your deck but it seems like my cards are getting weaker i had 7's and up in my deck but now all i have is cards that are 5-1 So whats the deal how do i get stronger cards in my deck
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    Chain of Memories question

    I'm starting to understand how the cards actually work and am now kickin heartless booty but my questions are: What's an easy way to get back premium cards? -I used a premium bonus on rooms and turn all my cards into premium cards but when i fight a boss and i have to recharge cards i only get...