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    Kh2:FM+ in America

    i really want it to come here, i'm saving up for if it does. Hopefully Square will be nice and give one game from Japan. Come on there's a Re-Chain of Memories...We have GBA....I would love to play it on PS2 and watch Marluxia....*Cough Cough* I mean to watch it in 3D ^_^
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    Chain of Memories Full Script

    well i heared that KH 2 Final Mix + will come here in the fall...sorry if it's not true...but when i watched the trailer with the subs, i don't know...they seem to added more than what they said in the GBA verson... I have COM but i'm sucked... i read the script ><
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    Re:CoM NEw Opening

    Re: CoM NEw Opening maybe it will show in FMV of the battle when sora,donald and goofy beat ansem and the door closing and then going on to when they were on that road...