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    A Familiar World: taken over

    Hey guys, its been a while and im happy to finally have time to do stuff... like RP. So lets get straight to work. Earth; a familiar world on which most of us live (inside joke), but sadly we live a bit too far away from the keyblader's light to save us from our own darkness. Yet the...
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    AAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I'm back!

    I don't exactly know why but I seem to have time, and would like to waste it here (you should all be greatful!). It seems that a lot has changed, and I am strangly suprised... It's weird but I miss the forums and I am ready to devote time here (not as much as I used to though) and waste away...
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    jack skellington the pumpkin king

    WTF! ....no he doesn't. if anyone has seen the movie, by tim burton, they'd know this is going to take on the actual movie. the only thing is that boogie died so is he coming back, cuz that'd be stupid. and same with the mansion. if i had to guess... you have to save santa and help himdestroy...
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    i found how the unknowns comunicate! there words

    WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!! uhhh I second that dare, come on. some one must have nothing better to do!!!
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    Bhk and Sora

    i have only read the first few posts... so don't get all pissed! yeah, first things first, almost every main charaterhas lost there heart at some point: Kairi~ she lost it on destiny island (you must be blind because...) and has been locked within sora for half of the frickin game. Sora~ when...
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    Lol I Found A Funny Glitch

    omg!!!!!!! you've found something amazing, the effects of STOP!!!!!! that's what happens to every enemy in the game. not a glitch, that is what stop is used for, stopping time and attacking to give damage and not have to dodge attacks... DuUhHH!1!!!1
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    what if sora was black or any other race

    haha... I question you not racistness............. on another note, it couldn't happen, cuz disney wouldn't support the idea
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    Sora's mom

    You know nothing about her except when she calls. "Soraaa!!!.... It's time for dinner....SORA?!!?!?!??!" and sora being the kid that he is "Where's Riku....Kairi???..." yea screw ma and pa they punished him..... lol just kidding..... <.<....>.>....V.V(no it wasn't funny was it...)
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    The Golden Age

    Join The Golden Age Our Motto: As the times go on, our age shines brighter... To become a member you must -have any of the keyblader jobs -be a member of the forums for atleast two weeks -pm me before you join This Clan is against the Revolution, we must must show them that there is no need...
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    The Reality (a multi-game rp)

    I came up with this idea for a rp, and decided to make it. Story: After multiple years characters like mario, Luuigi, Samus, Link, etc. have had to, because most of them are human, died.... but not the VILLIANS!!!!!!!!! And to top that off, the multi-game worlds have collided and joined...
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    I put together a puzzle (theory)

    COMPLETLY OFF TOPIC: Yea i'm back from Ireland... 10 days goes by really quickly! well.... watever
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    I put together a puzzle (theory)

    leon could you give us the address to where you saw this? I am deeply devoted to finding this out before the game, which is only making me want it more! thanx it would clear up a few things...
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    Golden Eye: Rouge Agent (DS)

    This game is fu**in' awsome, i admit the graphics aren't the best. But the game play is the key element of any game. I am currently up to the casino level, and it's my first day! What do you people think? Criticism, rating (1-10 10 being best), favorite part, etc.
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    I put together a puzzle (theory)

    Damn Do you write ALOT!!!! But remember this is why it's called a "Theory" but thanks for the constructiv criticism. really, this could help in my perfection of my theory....*thumbs up*
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    I put together a puzzle (theory)

    one day... It kinda just hit me. Now I will just perfect it to the best of my ability... Now that may take a while...........
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    I put together a puzzle (theory)

    I never intended it to be a weapon... more as a host orsomething to hold their heart, soul and essence. i don't say it is a shell when they're using it, i'm saying they take a shell and use it as a "body". Have you read what I'm saying! Riku's heart was strong enough to free himself from the...
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    KH 2 theory

    although you're all pretty damn close... (sorry couldn't help myself) but louis is right. not all n00bs are the same and they make (many) mistakes. lets all remember when we were n00bs... come on we made mistakes, got flamed at, thought it was okay to be (really) stupid. you know you did...
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    I put together a puzzle (theory)

    anyway i am still sticking to the fact that he uses a shell King mickey (i think) also lost his body, that was so he could get the keyblade on the other side of the door... so, like riku, he uses a shell to sustain himself. in the battle with the enigmatic unknown, he says Sora is incomplete...
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    I put together a puzzle (theory)

    no, what im saying is riku uses the shell as a support. his heart and the essence of him are in there. and you are probably right on that but all i'm saying is that riku is using the shell to sustain himself (and if you're right) study the heart its hitting 2 birds with one stone.
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    I put together a puzzle (theory)

    OK... some of you may not agree and blah, blah, blah! I use the preveiws and cutscenes (from final mix) to put this all together... alright, well in final mix when you fight the unknown he says "you look just like him...". I beleive he is the same unknown from DD, and when talking to Sora, he...