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    I got HD Namine!

    while pulling for 0.2 Kairi, 3 dotted! just wanted to share since I've mention in the forum before how much I wanted her and how depressed I got when I didn't get her
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    Help building a Sleeping Lion Setup

    O.K so I spend all my jewels trying to get Namine then bought IHalloween Sora Twice for more jewels which I also spent and got no Namine... However, I did get 3 Illustrated Roxas, 1 Boosted so now I'm trying to build a setup for the sleeping Lion which I had not use before.... I have...
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    I feel so pathetic

    I'm 34 year old man... and the release of HD Naminé is the only thing I've been truly excited about in months.... and I spent all my jewels and didn't get her... yah... It's really sad when your life reaches a point when a stupid phone game is the most exciting thing you have going on...
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    why aren't people more hyped for Oogie Boogie and HD Namine?

    they sound pretty broken, I would think people would be as hyped about them as they were for Ill Kh2 Kairi
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    Is Xigbar B better than Marluxia A

    I have Marluxia A fully guilted with AB3 Max.. I also have Xigbar B fully guilted but would have to spend the chips, level up medals and buy the board for AB3 max to make him useful.. would he be a worthwile upgrade over the Marluxia or not worth the resources... The setups would be Lady Luck...
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    [SPOILER] KH2.8 discussion

    One question about something I've not seen discussed... How did Mickey know about Sora and Riku while in the realm of darkness.... he had never met Sora at that point and while he may have ran onto Riku on the realm of darkness before meeting with Aqua that begs the question why did Mickey and...
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    Why I can no longer play Dream Drop Distance, and fear I may not be able to play KH3

    Sorry to hear about your situation man... I don't have problem with 60fps but I have a problem very similar to what you describe with first person games... I simply cannot play any games in first person without getting motion sick... The good news for you is that I doubt Kingdom Hearts 3 will be...
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    Does the Digital Version of 2.8. has preload?

    I bout all my games digital on the PS store but has never pre-ordered one... I've heard some games have an option that when you pre-order you can download the game in advance so it's ready to play the moment it releases... does 2.8. have this option?
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    Is there any reason to keep unguilted event medals?

    Hi I'm what you call cheap to play (I have only spent 10 dollars on the game during the black friday event where you can get 3000 gems for 5 bucks once per weak) I am having trouble with space for my medals and don't want to keep on spending on extra storage... Since they introduced nova I'm...
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    Celebration for 2.8 release?

    Do you guys think there's gonna be any tie in between KHUX and the release of KH 2.8. I think it would be weird if there wasn't... what do you think it should be? HD Aqua event? New Dream Eater Medals? 0.2. King Mickey Tier 4 medal?
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    Nova and discarding medals

    if you guilt a useless medal just for Nova do you need to keep it afterwards or you can discard it and keep your Nova?
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    Do attack bonuses stack?

    I have KH 2 Kairi, Uniform Selphie and a Larxene with Attk Boost 2 in 1.85 reverse medal slot... if I use both boost melds and the attck boost 2 activates would my Larxene do crazy damage or are all those boost not stackable and thus redundant
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    Dealing with Airplane Heartless is there a trick?

    Is there a trick to dealing with airplane heartless... I have had no problems with the game until now... I'm on quest 415 and can't get past those airplane heartless... I can't kill even one of them on 1 turn and they always kill me in the first turn if they have the chance to attack
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    Back Cover, Unchained - One without the other?

    I think Unchained is still going to be mandatory for KH3 even if you play backcover... Backcover should only cover what happens in the real world and should end with the Keyblade war, the events that happen within the Unchained after the Keyblade war would not be covered
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    Disney or Final Fantasy Characters on 0.2. Birth By Sleep

    Do you think we are going to see any Disney or Final Fantasy Characters (other than Mickey) on 0.2. Birth by Sleep... Personally I would like to see a cute Disney character reacting to seeing his/her world consumed by darkness be it Jaq the Mouse or a Dwarf or whoever... Seeing someone like Zack...
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    Is Terra a Guardian of Light or Seeker of Darkness?

    Re: is terra guardian of light or seeker of darkness? I think he'll not be completed until the end of the game if at all... you'll see Terranort fighting on the seekers of darkness side and the lingering will (the empty armor) fighting on the guardians of lights side
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    Will Julius be plot relevant?

    All previous bonus bosses (Xemnas, Terra's armor, young Xehanort) have turned out to play a large role in the plot of the next game... everybody seems to have assumed this will not be the case with Julius because he is a Disney character... but what if Julius do happen to have a role in Kingdom...
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    Musou Kingdom Hearts

    After Dragon Quest, Zelda and Gundam going Musou, would you like to see a Musou style Kingdom Hearts title? I'm not a fan of Musou games but would actually be interested in playing as a dual wielding roxas going through thousands of heartless Musou style
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    Am I the only one who wants Jiminy to have a bigger role in KH3, my first kingdom hearts game was original GBA chain of memories, after CoM playing KH1 and Kh2 feels weird when you realize Jiminy is a sort of fourth party member along with Sora, Donald and Goofy yet never really talks or...
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    Would you like to see anything included with 2.8?

    I hope they include unlockeable themes like in 1.5 and 2.5 but I have a feeling they are not going to be given PS4 themes for free