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    How is terra related with sora and riku?

    Actually to be exact it was terra, just the fight wasn't canon, but as you said his words were. We don't know yet, The game isn't released so you should just wait?
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    i have 2 question..

    ha actually yes i do seein on how i lived in japan for a year and a half =) and Byakuga from Bleach uses them as well
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    Riku's keyblade? and position in the realm of Dawn... I don't get it...

    actually kairi didn't recieve one..riku handed it to her... and its Riku's ACTUAL keyblade..he can also dual weild..that keyblade, the one he let kairi use was made from Riku's memories of DI
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    i have 2 question..

    preach! i do agree, i don't think he is girly either, nor gay its just how he is.. you can't give a dude flower pedals and give him red hair=D doesn't go, the pink hair and his flowers match well
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    i have 2 question..

    no nobodies are created when any heart is swallowed by darkness and turned into a heartless =p, they are just remaining parts left behind by the heart so to speak, but the stronger the heart the stronger the nobody i think thats how it goes anyway
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    i have 2 question..

    eh i think we will end up seeing Axel's heartless somewhere =D
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    My theory of the Roxas and Ven connection.

    um roxas does look like sora.... this is impossible because ven was around way before..roxas...about 10 years before.. i assume that ven is dead around the time roxas is created as well so xemnas couldn't put the soul or w.e ur saying into roxas
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    Avatar: The Last Airbender (Live Action Film)

    Avatar: The Last Airbender-(2009) So this is another cartoon, turned into a live action movie trilogy. Who else think this one movie will follow fail as well as others.
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    Greatest disappointment in KH2?

    sephiroth wasn't a push over..tho he was easier..his opening attack was like wtf i enjoyed the i didn't really enjoy the heartless battle neither, but i didnt push trangle at all..no reaction commands
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    Help/Support ► Doesn't play well with others

    =D thats actually best, get to know her, you can even flirt a litte not to much
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    Help/Support ► Doesn't play well with others

    yea just keep you head up high man you will be fine..friends are key try to get to know better
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    Help/Support ► Doesn't play well with others

    you remind me of myself actually i used to act sad just get the attention of this girl i really liked she used to txt and talk to me all the time and like i would act sad so she would feel srry for me and one day she got tired of it now she doesn't talk to me at all so ur best bet is to not act...
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    Help/Support ► Doesn't play well with others

    oh normal teenage stuff..the ive become "heartless" idea..truth is no you haven't..heartless is when you don't care about ANYTHING..your cold and don't care about one person or human being, including yourself..bein "heartless" has become a fashion, seriously now the girl problem, if u really...
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    Theater mode

    i don't really know, they probably are, if they are then, either you haven't unlocked them, or you are just missing them
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    Theater mode

    ah well, ill look whenever i get my ps2 back >.>, but i really don't think they are in there, but they might be
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    Theater mode

    >.> i would simply type it in on youtube..so for: 1. you wouldn't have to go through theater mode 2. you wouldn't have to post this thread, and could be watching it now.. but thats just me
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    Lid 2? >.>

    Eh i guess this is a Personal Announcement. So haha umm i haven't been on latley, and here is my reason My nephew is now living with me, so i have rearranged my room to fit us both...(lame ha) He is a big fan of KH and probably will be joining this forum soon..(using my computer, >.> sharing...
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    Castle Oblivion........ IN DAYS!?

    >.> I believe that Castle Oblivion will be a playable world, but im not sure if it will have a plot to it or not? i mean like said above i see it as a good "Traverse Town", but i don't know?
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    riku's dark armor

    how are heartless like cancer? that makes no sense at all? ..btw better grammar please
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    Greatest disappointment in KH2?

    Agreed, idk what they where thinking about when making khII I thought the sizes of the worlds were ok, but poorly made, and kind of repeatitive