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    The Four Worlds

    For now, I think that the 4-world theory is wrong, but it is good the End of the World=Darkness and Twilight Town=In-Between, but what doesn't make sense would be what would be Light and Present? And I don't actually think by "Worlds", he meant as in what you use to travel in the Gummi Ship...
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    Where can you read Ansem reports 11, 12, & 13?

    You can read them on this site, in the KH database, here's a link http://www.kingdomhearts2.net/info/ansemreport/index.shtml
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    What boss do you want in kh2?

    Thats because your talking about like Sephiroth, try beatin Phantom or Unknown with the Kingdom Key And yeah, a battle against the Organization members in the KH style of combat would be awesome! Battle against like 1000 heartless has already happened in KH, remember End of the World before...
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    I Got It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No, that Oathkeepr that the DWU is a different Oathkeeper, but what about the one BHK wields in this? http://www.kingdomhearts2.net/gallery/details.php?image_id=62 Look at every screenshot people, you have to say that BHK wields a different Oathkeeper in ASAS and in DD
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    What would you do if you found KH2 on the ground?

    1-I would take it from the ground, and put in in one of my handy CD cases 2-I would steal means of transportation that was closest to me and go home 3-I would tell my parents that some super-expensive item was on sale to get them to leave 4-I'd tell my brothers and sisters that they're...
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    Sora's fighting style

    Re: The fighting style. I think they should stay, Goofy's abilities when leveled up seriously kill, and the fact he can do like over 5 consecutive hits in one attack combined with the Strength of Sora seriously is awesome in KH, so in KH2 they should keep Goofy But unless the MP system of KH2...
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    What boss do you want in kh2?

    Yeah Sephiroth, but a little harder, make him wher you have to be level 80 or something, and he should have his own voice that can talk in scenes like in FM's Showdown of Fate
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    Is Sephiroth in KH2?

    Re: Is sephiroth in KH2? Yeah it is, but here is a Subbed version of Showdown of Fate(Movie in Final Mix that includes Seph and Cloud fighting for a bit) http://sd.cubicnetwork.net/index.php?id=new_html/all%20vids And since the winner isn't shown, the likelyness of Seph or Cloud being in KH2...
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    Mereshell I figuerd it out ty!

    Maybe your right, but no one called DiZ a mereshell of Ansem in the first place, but your logic on BFU being a shell of the original makes no sense at all. 1:When you lose your heart, your body goes away and darkness creates a Heartless from that heart, but ansem and Sora seem to have come out...
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    KH2 Release date to be confirmed?

    Next friday it says, I hope this topic stays up till then so someone will post it when the info arrives! It'll be so cool
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    what do you think the connection between cloud and seph. is?

    Yeah, Cloud said "You are my Darkness" to sephiroth, so that shows that Sephiroth is bad and Clouds darkside And who knows, since the ending of this battle isn't shown(ARG!!!!!), maybe this indicates more of this in KH2? That could be a possibilty, probably why this topic is still in the KH2...
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    riku friend or foe

    Yeah, and also you all saw (hopefully) how Riku beat Ansem at the end of Reverse/Rebirth, so he most likely won't turn evil again I think Riku is friend
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    what do you think the connection between cloud and seph. is?

    Text from Conversation in Showdown of Fate(As I have seen it a billion times, I'll edit to show you a link where you can find it) : Cloud walks into the Stadium with his sword, then one feather falls, and in the feathers close up you see Seph's shadow, then he gently comes down all cool like...
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    When does kingdomhearts2 come out?

    No one knows, you could check the release date shown on the site's release date's page, but it was last updated last october, and there still is talk about the article on wheither its KH2 in 2005 or FFXII in 2005 and KH2 in 2006, but most people hope that its September 14-15 or December 1 in...
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    What do you think would happen if Sora died?

    If Sora actually died, thats it, nothing's left, without Sora there's no game to play, and even if you could continue as BHK or Riku, even though it would be cool, it would just seem the whole purpose of Sora in the long run was to get Riku or BHK on track to becoming the most important. But...