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    Coded Coming to NA?

    just a thought. what if it is released as a bonus with bbs similar to a final mix+. or like a bonus as in ff12 where they just give an over view of it and include the cut scenes. that would explain the voice acting.
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    KHInisder.com's BBS Boxart Contest [SUBMISSIONS CLOSED]

    Re: KHInisder.com's BBS Boxart Contest [DEADLINE JAN 9TH] i also am having trouble with the loading process. i know that i have to PM it but when i hit load image, it asks fora URL. im not too computer savy and have no idea what to do. any pointers?
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    Was this game better for PS2?

    for TENYASYUGAN. i never finished the GBA version. what part of the storyline is not in it?
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    Hopes In Birth By Sleep?

    we all have hopes for the game. i am excited for the whole thing personally. that being said, i am most curiouse about the final world. what will it be? KH1 "the end of the world". KH2 TWTNW. i know we have all seen the BBS secret ending and the Terra fight in final mix but what is that world...
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    Point of Sora in Castle Oblivion

    im glad im not the only one here who really enjoys the game while realizing that it is only that, a game.
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    DiZ = Darkness in Zero its in the Ansem reports in KHII. i didn't know that until my second play through when i actually took the time to read them. he explains the whole thing in them.
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    Days video

    i don't know if this has come up before or not but i was just on HeartStaion.org and i noticed on the Days video titled "new Days trailer" when it shows the game play footage, there is footage of both donald and goofy as playable characters. did i miss that announcement somewhere? and, does the...
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    Pre-Ordered or Bought?

    i played KH at a buddy's house but never finished it. then when KHII came out, i went and bought 1 and 2 and played them back to back. been a huge fan ever since.
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    i was kind of hoping they would keep it really simple and sleek and just go with the "kingdom Hearts 358/2 days" logo with a white background but this is good too.
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    Garden of Assemblage

    so if i buy a ps2, where can i get whatever program i need to play FM+?
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    Garden of Assemblage

    if i have one of the original 60gig ps3's would i still need to mod it or is there no region code on it?
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    Stages of Awakening

    i agree with them. its to make the game seem that much more Disney.
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    japanese kingdom hearts recom question

    i wasnt really bothered by it. the one thing i did notice though was that the scenes were really grainy. did anyone else have that problem or is it just my TV?
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    Gummi Ship Missions

    i would'nt do it, but i would'nt call it pointless. if thats your thing, go for it. let me know how it turns out and what ship you use.
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    Did you notice....?

    can anyone tell me what it is that he types in? it looks like it sais "BROTHER" or maybe "ANOTHER". cant really tell. either way, it would lead to a topic that has already been covered 100 times before.
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    Have you beat CoM?

    never beat CoM. got stuck at Riku fight 4, tried it a bunch of times, got frustrated and gave up then i found out re CoM was being released and decided to try again before it releases.
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    re:CoM secret ending

    Re: CoM secret ending im still hoping they follow final fantasy's lead and bring coded to PSP
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    re:CoM secret ending

    re:CoM secret ending i dont know if this has been asked or not but do you think there is any chance of us getting the BBS ending from KH2 FM+ on re:CoM?
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    Master Xehanort a Nobody?

    I dont know if this has beed discussed yet or not so i am sorry if it has and I'm waisting anyones time. so here's my theory (although maybe a stretch). what if MX is a Nobody? think about it. hes the only other character in the game with an X in his name other than the organization members. so...
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    KH3 for Wii??

    came across this and was wondering if anyone else had seen it or knew anything about it. Nintendo Wii: Kingdom Hearts Wii Bound? « Sickr