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    (SPOILERS 358/2 Days) What Xion Actually Is

    I had a few misgivings about reading through this thread, but I'm quite pleased with what I've learned as a result of doing so. The story turned out better than I previously thought it would.
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    In all honesty I was somewhat reluctant to create a thread for the sole purpose of announcing my return to the KHI forums(after several or so months). Especially, considering the fact that the majority of you probably don't know, or even remember me for that matter. Nevertheless, with high...
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    How long did it take you to beat KHII?

    I believe I have about 65 hours of playtime. Of course that is including item collecting, jiminy's journal and extended periods of time when the game was paused.
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    which organization fight was the hardest for you to beat

    Xaldin. He was a bit overwhelming the first time I fought him.
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    Who must survive the BbS?

    Assuming he did in fact survive the events of BBS, what do you propose he has been doing for such long period of time? I find it very hard to believe that TAV's master still yet lives. However, due to the lack of evidence I suppose it is possible...unlikely mind you, but possible.
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    Who must survive the BbS?

    VAT's master has yet to be identified. If I'm correct the only information we have concerning their master is his gender. Edit: Post Mental Ferocity beat me to it.
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    Help/Support ► Which approach seems better?

    You should do this if you have not already and if you have continue to do so, as it seems to be the best course of action. Also, you may simply have to accept it and move on if she becomes interested in someone else.
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    Official Birth By Sleep | Unbirths Thread

    I actually ended up buying a PSP for Crisis Core, only afterward did I realize " Oh hey I can play BBS as well." Also you are entitled to your opinion like everyone else, but if you don't mind me asking why do you dislike the idea of BBS having a darker tone?
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    Official Birth By Sleep | Unbirths Thread

    It is merely a coincidence and I doubt it posesses some underlying meaning or idea on Nomura's part. Of course this is just my opinion.
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    Official Birth By Sleep | Unbirths Thread

    That seems to be the case. What I'm more interested in however, is the cause behind their extinction. Of course that is assuming that they are in fact extinct.
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    Fanfiction ► Stay Gold ~ A Toonami Tribute

    Now that would have been an ending befitting the Toonami I grew up with. Well done.
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    Who must survive the BbS?

    I'd rather have the main characters meet with some sort of tragic end, death or otherwise.
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    How did you find out about Kingdom Hearts?

    I found out through a commercial, it was something new and different so i gave it a try. I've been hooked since then.
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    Does Kingdom Hearts remind you of Star Wars?

    Aside from the obvious comparisson between the darkness/the darkside and the light/the forces of good... no not really. But who knows, perhaps I'm missing something.
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    Most Annoying Heartless

    I found the large bodies and their slightly more dangerous counterparts: the fat bandits, quite irritating in KH and KH: Chain of memories respectively. However, like Valamphias what i found was most irritating were the circumstances surrounding some of the battles.
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    I suppose i'm happy but not necessarily shocked. I can understand why one would be shocked considering that it seems as if its fairly rare for a remake/final mix of KH to be released overseas.