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    a couple more new pieces

    give me some feedback. ~J
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    Just a coincedence? 'The World Ends with You'

    Anyone think that it's more than a coincidence that they decided to release 'The World End with You' on Earth day? Hrm. Maybe it's nothing.
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    Did you hear...

    can someone figure out what it said and um post it somewheres?
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    kh supporters

    My plan is to buy the two copies that's right two that I have on reserve and i told all my friends to buy theire own cuz they can't play mine, so that I can boost sales. i've already got 3 of them to put it on reserve also. So that's five copies between 4 friends lol. ~J <X3
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    Bad news for all those KH2 Wanters out there

    Hey, you look new, welcome to the forums sora 145, I hope hope hope it's coming out tomorrow at my gamestop. i'll have to call them to find out for sure, cuz it seems like there's alot of descrepency (sp?) ~J
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    4 yrs or 4 days?

    i thought it arrived in stores on the 29th not 28th maybe i should go check the release date thread...
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    4 yrs or 4 days?

    Hey guys i just wanted to know if you think that its been harder waiting these past 4 yrs for kh2 or you find if harder these past 4 days? just a question. oh and by the way just some random thoughts here but did anyone notice that cinderellas hair in KH is brown on the pedastle thing at the...
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    is it true?

    -_- just stop it plz. No it is not true ~J <X3
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    when driving....

    I'm not even gonna argue, let's just wait till the game comes out, it's not about bieng right it's about having fun and playing the game. Why is everyone in these forums at each others throats all of the time? ~J <X3
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Opening

    Welcome to the Forums ^_^ Nice try however this japanese intro has been around for about 3 months i think o.O <X3 ~J
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    What Do U Think One Level Will Have?

    so you were just saying that every sight doesnt say anyting about the levels or that they all say the same thing about each level. And are you asking a question? l__l <X3 ~J
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    Jap and English ver of kh2!

    Was sora using the mulan keyblade in teh hydra fight in teh vid that you're talking about? cuz if he was that may explain the black smoke. When you hit with that keyblade smoke like in mulan comes out cuz the blade is shaped like a dragon blowing fire. I'm not gonna watch the vid cuz I've...
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    when driving....

    It's called Brave in teh American Version but Translated as Valor from Japanese I'll be drivin like a madman. But wait I don't even have my license o.O lol ~J <X3
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    Dose any1 know if there will be A kingdom hearts II ultamania book in english

    That sucks i really like the KH artwork, i ordered the one in JP but i want one in english after the game comes out
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    NA Kh2 Leaked Thread (NO SPAM)

    Okay this actually pertains to the forum topic just as my first question did, but then we kinda strayed... Is it an actual copy or a Beta version???
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    NA Kh2 Leaked Thread (NO SPAM)

    dude, seriously i was in the wrong i already established that in like 4 posts, i was never and have never been ragged on for bieng gay, i know how to spell bearer, it wouldnt fit, i did not watch the vids. And okay I get it now, Maverick is some sort of god to you all, i bow down in his divine...
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    NA Kh2 Leaked Thread (NO SPAM)

    Does the Beta allow you to play the whole game Maverick? Or is it the actual version, and if so they just gave it to your friend or you he had to eh "take it" no need to go into particulars if you do not wish to. ~J <X3
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    NA Kh2 Leaked Thread (NO SPAM)

    I didnt i was just worried about others that couldnt help themselves, cuz i mean if theyre there you can be quite tempted. ~J <X3
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    NA Kh2 Leaked Thread (NO SPAM)

    thank you, i'm just an anti spoiler gamer and it irks me when ppl do stuff like that so I've apoligized like 4 times alright? Can we all just b cool??? ~J <X3
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    NA Kh2 Leaked Thread (NO SPAM)

    i said that i was sorry, it wasn't my place to insult him. i asked if you would please explain it to me then