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    BBS Final Mix?

    just an quick question...will Birth by Sleep Final Mix get released outside Japans for US and Europe? if so, will there be an special edition like the normal BBS?
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    Am I the only one...

    haven't played it, but CoM was and still is, one of my favorite games. still playing it sometimes (altough i'm now busy with days)
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    14 More Days till 358/2 Days comes out

    nope won't import it. but i'll get it. first japanese version, then USA version, then maybe EU version, and then...the world! i have a R4 NDS card so the fisrt three things will be easy.
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    How Excited Are you Right now for 358/2 days

    bah i hate it!! no just kidding xD i can't wait for it. i have a R4 cards for my NDS so i can download the japanese version when it comes out. so a few more months for me!
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    How excited where you when you got KH2

    i'll just say i reserved it a half-year to early.
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    favourite cut scene in KH2

    lol xemnas creeps you out? i think saïx is the scary one. xemnas is just a wierdo trying to be smart. but i think my fav scene is after you defeat xemnas for the first time. or just before it. he is then so angry but still you kick his ass.
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    Kingdom Hearts II manga cover vol. 4

    good find. i haven't seen it before too. looks good. and pete looks funny here :P
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    i never understood the line at the end

    they actually say it already. they stay in the realm of darkness to clear it. the realm of light is cleared, now the realm of darkness. (it's on the same vid round 5:05)
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    best boss

    kurt zisa is the hardest, but i like the ice titan the the most. to bad the rock titan isn't able to pick. he's easy and fun. i have defeated him one time without losing health (after many fight's i knew what he was going to do)
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    TGS 2008: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days - Trailer, Co-op, and Single-Player Impressions

    hey! i was checking my mail just now, and i had a mail of gamespot about the tokyo gameshow. it also had a piece of kh 358/2 days. not much news, but it is something. here's the site: TGS 2008: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days - Trailer, Co-op, and Single-Player Impressions - DS News at GameSpot
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    Official 358/2 Days Site Updates with DKS3713 Trailer!

    lol. they just stop before xion refeals her face. that's what i call mean ^_^ but i think that if 358/2 days comes to japan in february, it will come to US round summer and europe round the winter.
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    Favorite SoNami moment

    their promise at the end of CoM. and the part that larxene namine away. and becouse i don't care, she replaced kairi ^_^ just kidding ^_^
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    Does Kingdom Hearts remind you of Star Wars?

    only if you think about it. so randomly it doesn't.
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    Who here still plays this game?

    i didn't played it in a few moths either...but that's becouse i bougth a moth ago the orange box.that's 5 games, so i'm pretty busy with that ^_^
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    Question about Org. Members

    remember that axel got away. he didn't die.
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    Lesser Nobodies will assist you?

    it would be funny, but it would make it to easy... so i think it's not going to happen
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    kingdom key replica

    there are many on ebay. i even saw marluxia's scyte ^_^
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    Most Annoying Heartless

    they are all annoying.....the neo is the least annoying...but i voted for the defender...that shield and armor is annoying.
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    Roxas' Keyblades In 358/2 Days

    KK, oblivion and oathkeeper. not more, not less. that's all what roxas must wield.
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    Should there be an Re: BBS?

    i don't think it is happening, but i'd like it. only couse i haven't got a PSP...