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    A line in Sanctuary?

    It is a reverse message like everyone else is saying. I don't think Japanese would even be that incohorent. Speaking of which, when people type that line, "wonk ouy naht noitceffa deen I", if you actually said it, then reversed it, some parts will not make sense. Like the k in know is silent...
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    Your Favorite KH / KH2 Quotes

    "gwarsh" - Goofy. And thats any time he said it during the game
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    Namie and BHK

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canon Canon actually means official, or genuine, in fictions, too. Like Dragon Ball AF is called non-canon, and Dragonball Z by Akira Toriyama is canon. MULTIPLE MEANING WORD ------------ Please! No more pairings! The fact that a couple like Namine and BHK is...
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    Just in case anyone believed there is a KH:Remix or Final Mix

    considering that the game in JP was a whooping 4.7 GB, a KH2 Remix is out of the question, if they want it to keep it all in one dvd
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    Well people will experience the Tron world because it IS an official world now. Kingdom Hearts meet Tron. I bet a lot of people will be happy about taht
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    Tron world, all but confirmed?

    Well, since Kingdom Hearts 2 is coming REALLY soon in Japan (Why Japan first, lol), it might not be wise to add a world at the last minute...
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    I have problems that only allows me to view all images as links, and I can't view any avatars or signatures, but when I log out, all the images show and so does the avatars and signatures. I just would like this problem solved so it isnt always irritating.
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    A 'Surprising' New world

    The world is the Pirates of the Carribean
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    The Princesses of Heart

    Princesses of Heart must have a pure heart full of innocence and purity. They can't be Princesses of Heart unless they have commited nothing harmful of anyway. A theory says that Kairi was a princess in a far land, or soon will be, until heartless attacked that land. So Kairi escaped and came...
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    A 'Surprising' New world

    it would probably be a world they created, like destiny Island and end of the World(s). or something else like a movie some other company made and than Disney "Remade" the movie by adding other things. For instance, Whinnie the Pooh started as a book that was not created by Disney. And my...
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    Sephiroth vs. Ansem

    You know he has a point there... In Japan, you couldnt fight Sepheroith (but maybe in final Mix) He was just a bonus boss in the USA version. KH was realeased in Japan first, and if Sepheroith was the last boss, itll change the KH storyline