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    KH3D Japanese TV Spot (Now with good quality and subs!)

    ...am I the only one who noticed Aqua, Sora (KH2 style), and Goofy together for a good second or so at around 0:05? I admit, I may have missed the full story on this particular scene elsewhere lol ... but ... maybe?
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    Cutscene Confusion: Roxas talking as Sora would? SPOILER ALERT

    Oh, Haley Joel Osment is listed in the credits, but I also forgot Sora is an unlockable secret character. Therefore Osment would have been credited for the attack sound files used. I like these responses... thanks much :D
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    Cutscene Confusion: Roxas talking as Sora would? SPOILER ALERT

    It should go without saying, but Spoiler Alert; I've included a link to a very late cutscene, so obviously clicking the link will lead to a spoiler (even though we all know what happens in Kingdom Hearts II. Well, most of us do. Yay, assumptions). Anywho. I was watching the cutscenes from...
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    Why its called 358/2 days...i think

    I agree with your first part. I believe the two is in reference that Sora and Roxas are two people sharing the same heart... basically, Roxas is on borrowed time.
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    Roxas' Backpack

    Now I want to make this bag for myself >.> lol
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    WTF moments in Kingdom Hearts....2!

    I'll just cut to the chase... my main WTF moment was the entire Xemnas fight. I lost count how many times I had to kill him... 4? 5? I'm like... wow, just die already! lol. He's got more lives than Maleficent (note: bringing Maleficent back from the... dead? so she could be an...
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    the Klepto club???

    I think it has something to do with the secret ending! The next KH game will be named Kingdom Hearts: The Klepto Club, and everyone runs around stealing everything! Yeah, it's totally it! ...just kidding :D
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    You beat KH2 with just the kingdom key;no drive forms through the whole game

    I tried playing a game like the OP mentioned, but I enjoy watching cutscenes while Sora is still in a drive form outfit lol. Note: If you shift into a drive form before a cutscene (or shift into one right before the killing blow of a major boss, which normally leads into a cutscene) you'll see...
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    The XIVth Member: What we DO know

    I think I read a Nomura interview that stated that the fourteenth member was female. It immediately threw out my 'The fourteenth member was Riku until his true identity was revealed to Organization XIII' theory. At least, I think so... I don't remember XD If the fourteenth member was never...
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    Larxene's book from CoM Manga

    It's not surprising for a fourteen-year-old to know about these things these days. Knowing about and actually experiencing or reading it is a different thing completely. I highly doubt he read it ;) But knew about it, sure... the book title is very obvious during a few panels of the manga...
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    Keyblade Mix-up

    Sora only uses dark powers when he shifts into Antiform, as far as I know. And the basic in-game explaination is that there truly is darkness in every heart, even Sora's. So as he relies more and more on drive forms, his heart can accidentally gravitate towards darkness in desperation and thus...
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    Sora is Evil!!!

    That sums it up lol. Sora isn't evil... he did what he was forced into. To me, Sora is a tragic hero in some regards... he's been uprooted from his home, thrown into a battle he didn't have anything to do with... and he has several voices telling him to defeat this bad guy and defeat that bad...
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    Did anyone else hate the Pride Lands?

    I liked it and the storyline within it, but it also irked me. Things were "harder on four legs," to quote Sora, and it basically annoyed me that I had to throw out much of the gameplay I had grown accustomed to up until that point. I couldn't use Trinity, and a lot of Sora's finishers weren't...
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    Sora & Kairi reunite

    I think Sora just felt so guilty about not coming right home to her... he probably expected her to be mad or something so he hesitated, but was then so surprised that she hugged him that he awkwardly returned it. Just my take on the situation.
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    zo em gee soras jacket

    I think the cosplayer would notice if you came along and sniped his (well, her's... every Sora I meet is female lol) jacket. What're you gonna do... say like... Hey! Lookit over there! Heartless! *yoink* *runs away with jacket* I think they'd notice XD
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    zo em gee soras jacket

    Oh, they'll also ask you for your sizes and whatnot. The jacket will be tailored to fit you ;)
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    zo em gee soras jacket

    No, I go to anime conventions dressed as Sora. I have a complete KH2 costume and a near-complete KH1 costume (missing shoes, gloves, and belt). I also have an Oblivion keyblade, Oathkeeper keyblade, and a Kingdom Key. I'm also working on all four of the original KH2 forms (not counting...
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    How do i deal with snipers?

    I'm gonna be different and say DON'T use Reflect or Guard, and stand there and take the punishment like a man! >.> <.< Kidding... Reflect is perhaps the best way to deflect that manuever. It might be beneficial to conserve mana during the fight and just spam Reflect once that occurs. If you...
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    zo em gee soras jacket

    I have both Sora's KH1 and KH2 jacket >.> I'm also a Sora cosplayer hehe
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    Name: Smexy Weapon: I'm so smexy I don't need a weapon. Nickname: The Smexy One Ambition: To be smexy. Nobody controlled: The smexy ones. I couldn't think of anything serious, but I just had to say Smexy =p