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    Roxas with a third Keyblade?

    Just watched Deep Dive, and picked up on something I didn't before. After Roxas throws Oblivion up to Riku, you can vaguely still see a Keyblade in his right hand (the hand with which he threw Oblivion). If you look at it carefully...it seems to be Micky's Kingdom Key. I'm sure this has been...
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    Birth by sleep video MP4?

    Wasn't sure where to post this...I'll put it here since it's about the BBS video. Where can I find the KH2FM+ Secret Ending BBS video downloadable as an MP4 file? I'd appreciate it if someone could direct me toward an MP4 version of Deep Dive as well. Thanks in advance.
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    Okay, from what I know, there are three Kingdom Hearts II novels released in Japan and one being worked on. I have a few questions, however: -Will there be novels for Kingdom Hearts (1) and Chain of Memories? -Will they be release in America? -Are they a continuation in any way of the manga...
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    Next KH Title's lookin to go portable!

    It's pretty much lookin' like the next KH title will be on a mobile system. Do you think it'll be another "in-between game" like Chain of Memories or the game we see in the KH2 secret endings?
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    I thought this game was pretty cool

    Chain of Memories was good (for a GBA game) but I still look forward in hope to seeing Re:CoM in the US.