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    A Theory on the New Enemy and Master Xehanort

    you did quite some research on this theory pretty impressive ^^ i can't deny anything in that theory though you seem to know much more then i do so there's not gonna be any sayin no to that :D
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    What's That All About?

    Just want to ask why most people are assuming that Aqua is the 14th Oraganization member... what proof makes you so sure that she is apart of the group? thought she basically fought for light or something... iono, i kinda thought she was in the chaser 'group' but I'm just curious that's all -...
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    New Symbol

    i guess it just shows their level of class(kinda like kurix said). but then again it seems something like Nomura made it as a hint for us to find out the meaning for it... iono i guess i'm just being retarded today
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    So, um, random thought.

    does anyone know the release date? or has that not been stated yet? yea i think that's what HD is trying to say which actually seems pretty awesome and makes sense :D
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    release date [not video games....]

    IT'S TIME TO K-K-K-K...-K-K-K-K-K-KEYBLADE!!!! ^_^
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    14th Weapon

    lol she's probably gonna have like thunder moves or something... she might even have like a big sword cuz you kno how they always want to make the girls seem stronger than boys so yea that would be really cool but i think it will be something that we'd least expect n be like "O why didnt i think...
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    Help/Support ► for those who watch anime, please read and answer this

    Just hit it off with a couple o' "Yo Mamma" jokes. should get them to stop although it will require u saying it everyday so they will get scared... but you'll get used to that =) why am i so smart?
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    Help/Support ► Depression

    bro just live ya life. you should cherish it more than some girl or boredom dont waste your life only one you got...
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    Who do you guys think is the worst member of organization 14?

    In my personal opinion I'd have to choose Luxord because who the heck uses cards to fight? its pretty easy to defeat them if u have a fast reaction time.
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    Pluto summon

    that makes sense.... i wanna play it now =P
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    Pluto summon

    oooooo didnt even think it was released yet or even ooutside of japan im obviously out-of-date =(
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    Pluto summon

    Bro,That didnt look like the GBA:CoM wat game console was that on? was that a Remix or somethin? never heard... n i never got any "pluto cards" before... i find that very weird
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    Organization 13: Who would you be?

    Dance Water Dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!