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    The Trailor

    WoW!In JUST NOW saw the new tralilor,and it was GREAT!The gummi ship iz intence!Sora changed 2 a Blue Sora!I think the R.H.G. iz Kiri,I think?The story 4 K.H. Iz great!I want 2 know what was U guy's/gurl'z opinion.I have'nt been here latly.But,did they say when does it com out?
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    Who Is that voice!!

    I thought it was Ansem.Hmmm...Guess i'm wrong if anyone else said it was'nt.Ohh!Did the new KH2 info.Come out yet?
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    I did'nt go here that much.Because,the last time the server messed up.Nobody came here.So,I thought that when I come back.More people would B here.
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    I've been gone awhile.Did anything happen?
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    could we survive in soras worlds?

    (Sarcastic) Ha!,Ha!,Ha!,funny!No!Don't even go ''There.''
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    could we survive in soras worlds?

    Oh! I did'nt mean to sound mean.But,you know we could'nt survive in the show Surviver.
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    could we survive in soras worlds?

    Hell no!We could'nt even survive on Seseme Street!See n 6ft. bird's.
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    A difrent BHK therie

    I'm not saying I agree with what I'm about to say,but,I think he is talken about Gipple.That Albed guy,that's with the Macina=A.K.A. ''Machins''.In F.F.X-2
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    Yeah!,but they probly would'nt meet each other if they Did'nt have to find Mickey in K.H.
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    Jak 3

    What happend at the end of it?I could'nt bet the game.
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    Seen it Before

    It does'nt look like Hollow Bastion.It looks like Disney Castle.
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    Sora/BHK/Keyblade master

    If Sora as ''A'' Keyblade.And,he is the Keyblade master.And,.B.H.K. has ''2'' ''KEYBLADES''.Then,how come he is'nt the master?
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    Is the Organization still alive?

    Re: Organazation..lives? They probly put some of them back so you don't have to play C.O.M.To understand the story.Pluse,if they just had the rest who are still alive.It would only be like a couple left.So that's probly why.
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    The Unknowns

    What happend at the end
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    Kingdom Hearts II better be worth it!

    Re: It better be frickin worth it! What happend at the end of Jak3?
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    BHK Theorey

    You know how in KH had Sora get the keyblade when he saw the heartless?Well if you watched the KH2 tralior.It shows the BHK chasing a Dusk,right? Well,what if right after that,he get's the keyblade.Is that how he got a keyblade?
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    What does ''This topic is suspended"' mean?

    I know this is the wrong sec.,but what does it mean when you go to ''Forums'' and says.''This topic is suspended.''What does that mean Because could'nt get on.Like I said I know this is the wrong sec.SORY.
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    BHK's name

    It makes sense,don't it?
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    BHK's name

    That will not happen.Because,in games that you can make a name for that charecter.They use subtitles.And,say's the name in the subtitle.As you see in the traliers.You see that they talk with no subtitles.Except,when they have those mini movies.For exsample,the D.D. tralier,with really good...
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    That would be coool if sora can be in soul calibur 3

    It would be cool,but,it would'nt feel right.