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    i wuz owned

    thanks once again, prehaps i should use final form and the gull wing
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    i wuz owned

    thanks, i'll kill any random heartless or nobody i c
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    i wuz owned

    I started 2 attempt to figt Sephiroth, an i only got passed the 4th bar. Any advice?
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    KH2's difficulty?

    There r easy parts 2 KH2(Like the 100 Acre Wood), and hard parts(Like Sephiroth).
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    I Got It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I Finally Got The Ultima Weapon! Now All That's Left 4 Me 2 Do Is 2 Kick Sephiroth's Ass!:d
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    Did you like Demyx?

    HELL NO! that guy is a dush bag that luvs men. I mean, come on, the loser fights with an instrument.
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    Kingdom Hearts II Good or bad?

    HELL YES IT'S GOOD!!! the only bad thing u can say about KH2 is u hav 2 go back 2 Atlantica, and it's just 1 big musical. That frickin' place nearly gave me a brain tumor.
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    Cheesecake must die

    The title says it, cheesecake must die. there r people who r obsesed with the stuff and they're seriously creepin' me out, lik paying over $100 for a pic of cheesecake. R u with me r not?
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    Yes! RPGamer Reviews KH2!

    WHAT THE HELL!?!?!?!? A 4/10!?!?!?!? THEY SUCK!!!!!!!!:mad:
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    i need help......again........

    Can some1 point out the location of the chest that holds the Orcichalum+ in the brink of despair , in TWTNW, and don't tell me it's in the chest by synthesis shop. I chhecked it and it wasn't there. I also need 2 know which enemies drop bright gem. thanks in advance.:cool:
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    What Is ur Favorite Level Right Now On KH2

    I like Twilight Town. i don't know y but i just luv that place
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    Anti form sucks

    it just dosen't suck, it blows. And by the fact u can't revert from it, and it list the amount of times u used anti-form on the battle report aftre u beat the game, it must b a punishment 4 abuseing the drive system.
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    kh2 the simpsons video

    That Was Funny!
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    OMG!!! He still does it!!!

    What!?!?!?! Not Again!!! And I Just Barely Beat Him In Kh1! And He Is Even Harder This Time!
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    The "How far are you in KHII" thread.

    I beat it. If it wasn't for school, I would b done in 2 days.
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    Favorite party member

    sorry if it was a spoiler for you, but i thought that i had 2 include him
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    Kairi or Namine?

    That's tough, they're both hot, but i have to say Kairi is hotter.
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    The saddest death in Kh2

    I have 2 agree, it was sad when we thought Goofy died. But i still have 2 say Axel.
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    Favorite party member

    Dats true, but its not as good as Riku's though
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    Favorite party member

    This excluding Donald and Goofy, this poll is just 4 temp party members. for my vote, i put Riku.