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    Favorite Org. Member

    Axel for sure. :D;) 252252525
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    Coolest Anti-Form...

    i think i like halloween town one best he looks so awsome! n.n
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    Royal Form! (its never gonna happen but isnt it beuatiful?)

    i've seen this before. its rather nice though. :)
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    Riku Replica

    he dissapeared like, in one of the last cutscenes of the sora version in CoM. or atleast that's what i think happens... :/
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    Mistakes in KH2

    no i know, but when he said it, it just put santa claus, even thought before it typed out sandy claus... its kinda hard to explain... :)
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    Mistakes in KH2

    lol i have one! ok in holloween world when jack is talking about santa claus and how he says it sandy claws, well they put santa claus instead of sandy claws... heh im hard to understand sometimes...
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    Kingdom Hearts Simple and Clean Super Mix

    meh.... moon_kitten08@hotmail.com i have nothing to lose, literally.
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    It was an accident!

    that ALMOST happend to me! >.<
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    funniest part!!

    i like the part when sora gets punched in the face at the land of dragons! i lmao so hard!
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    KH2 is good. ...but only the jap. version.

    wish i could understand japanese....-__-
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    the secret ending

    i have no clue? @_@
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    "Official I beat Kingdom Hearts 2 Thread"

    i beat it on sunday, and now im playing it again at a slower pace so i can get more out of it and pay attention to the details! ^_^ it was an awsome game though!
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    didn't the fake riku kill him?.... hmm... whatever happened to the fake riku anyway?
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    KH2 Missing cutscences

    awww i wanna see that!
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    Kh1 last boss or Kh2 last boss? (Major spoilers)

    i would hafta say... xemnas... so many battles >.< but i only died once (but i did set it on begginer heh heh)
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    about final form

    you can only get anti form in TWTNW?!? cause i've gotten it in a bunch of other worlds!...... wierd....
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    Beginning again

    lol i was waiting to see what happens next(i already beat the game:D) im telling you guys.... its a great story.
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    Buying from Wal-Mart

    you guys are more lucku than i am... i live on an island, and we don't have a game store. so i have to wait till i go on a boat over to cali and ope that some store has it... im sad... I WANT IT SO BAD!!! ~cries in the corner~
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    Animated Cutscenes

    Hi new person! Welcome to the formums! ^.^