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    i'm still in shock about my 11 year old self

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    TGB is Back.

    Well...Im Back. I had to take a break from ze Interweb. For anyone who remembers me,Hi. When I came back,I Kinda got caught up in Online Games such as GunZ:The Duel and Maple Story. Ill be posting more.Nice to see the site ^_^.
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    I just bought the game.I like it alot.If any played this game give me your opinions.
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    *TGB's 2k Bash*

    Well i wasnt sure is this was allowed in FI inself so i put this in TBS. Anyways i reached 2k and im porud abiout first fourm i ever got past a thousand. Took me 6 months and about 2 weeks. Well i made this topic to tell the people and the good times i had for these 6 months...
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    Ok my friend needs help.

    Ok my friend needs help on that part in wonderland when you have to destroy that tower.Ive gave him stratgegys but he keeps loseing.Can anyone give me a stratgegy for him?
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    Whats the stupidest thing you ever did in KH?

    Once i use Aeroga when i was facing shadows lol.
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    Resident Evil 4

    I just got this game and im really impressed.The Graphics are awesome,The Gameplay is awesome and the sound is awesome.Now im on th epart with the sewers and the insects.Can anyone help me on that part?Anyways Post your thoughts about the game.
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    Petite Princess Yucie

    Does anyone here watch this?I do any its funny.I have watched it on Anime Network.
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    U Know U Have Played Too Much KH/CoM when...

    You when you have been playing too much KH:COM when you ge t acardc and yell donald! You know when you played to much KH:COM when you beat up someone and you day Level Up!
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    Sora with no friends

    In some boss fights yes but in some they just act stupid sometimes.But thw game would be harder without them.
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    Favorite COM Sleight

    Dark Aura- 3lv 9 Souleaters.Really helped me in bosses. Trenity Limit:Like RPGplaya..Same reason. Zantetuken-Three of any Lv 9 Keyblade Cards.Destroyed Axel's Deck with this.
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    The Finality of it all...

    Ijust Jumped of my bed saying I won.Called all my friends saying that.I laughed like nuts because the ending was so crappy.
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    KH:The New Breed

    Storyline:Its a 10 years past since Sora saved the world.Now there a new Keyblader or Keybladers to save once agaion.Ansem did one thing after he was researching on the heartless,He created a new breed to hatch later in time to rule the world.Now The New Keybladers must stop this from happening...
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    Forest Of A Thousand Nights

    Storyline:Once upon a time there was a mystic forest that granted a person wish true.The forest was used by many people but then evil doers found out about it nd the evilest of all of them,Alexandros wished that the world was his and noone can ever make a wish in that forest again.He made so the...
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    Ok this is a flash video that had me cracking up.Here it is. http://www.funpic.hu/swf/numanuma.html
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    Shining Tears

    Well if your thinking about the game your totally wrongo.I just used it for a title. Story:Angels from the heavens notice that demons and monsters is striking the earth and killing humans.Now as the Angels we have to stop the monsters and demons fomr destorying the earth. Tryed to come up with a...
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    Your Best Deck!

    I post my deck now but its not complete. Kingdom Key-7,6,P5,5,9,8,6,0 Three Wishes-7,9,0,9,5,P9 Oathkeeper-4 Blizzard-5,8 Cure-7 Fairy Harp-9 Fire-5 One Winged Angel-1 Oblivion-6 Olmpia-9,9 Lady Luck-6,0 Thunder-7 Tinkerbell-4 Wishing Star-7,6,1
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    Best/Worst World in KH?

    Best-Holloween Town Wors-End of the World.Dont ask me why i hate EOTW.
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    Riku or Sora?

    Sora mode had more challenge and depth to i but Rikun more fast paced gameplay was hot.So for me its a tie.