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    The eyes of Ansem the wise

    There might be more to Ansem the Wise than what we think there is.
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    are you as angry as me?

    well that doesnt really make sense, why would they give him the kingdom key when he's a dual weilder of Oblivion and Oathkeeper.:confused:
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    How to save the game once you have finished Xemnas.

    You can't save after beating Xemnas in KH2. There are three games coming out called Coded, 385/2, and Birth By Sleep. There havent really been any announcement on KH3 but there probably is going to be one. Nomura said that Sora's story wasn't over.
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    358/2 Days

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Discussion this is the game that i am looking forward to the most out of the three games coming out.
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    I got one

    ive also given up on final mix coming to america. i think that i will just save my money for Birth by Sleep and 358/2 though.
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    Kingdom Hearts

    KH 1 was the door to light KH 2 was hearts collected by using the keyblade to kill the heartless
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    well, my opinion is that there is a third creature (heartless, nobody, ?). That might be what holds the light.
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    Final Mix+ in ENGLISH?!?!?!

    I highly doubt that its going anywhere outside of Japan. but i guess we shouldn't give up, its still fall right, so the US might have a slim chance of getting it from what I've heard.
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    link mode

    You battle against other ppl. but i didnt know you could trade cards with link mode.:confused:
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    KH2 Glitch

    yeah what sora said. And also what world was that in? i couldnt tell.
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix+

    yeah i dont know how much progarms like that cost
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    New better theory

    I dont know it sounds right but then again it sounds kinda wrong. Hard to explain.