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    What would you change about KH:coded story?

    I would add Riku and Kairi as party members for most of the game, add 100 Acre Wood (so we would have book characters interacting with book characters from a book within the book, along with it being a light and fluffy location), not wipe data-Sora's memory, replace Castle Oblivion with Twilight...
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    What would you change about the KHII story?

    I would add foreshadowing of Xion's existence, and I would have Roxas regain his memories halfway through the prologue. I think Roxas's amnesia made things far too confusing to the players to the point that we had little idea of who he was or what life he lived. Having him remember at the end of...
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    What would you change for KHCOM story?

    I would add Deep Jungle as a world. It's not that it would offer much in story, but I'm still sore about its absence, and it's been like 17 years since I first played CoM. I would expand Riku's story. I think it worked decently having R/R be a short epilogue to Sora's story, but on its own it...
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    What games do you play to relax?

    I favor first person shooters to distract myself from stress. I find they demand concentration but not long term strategy, remembering what's going on in a story, or remembering how to navigate complex environments. Left 4 Dead 2 has been one of my top choices for a long time. When it comes to...
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    Do you prefer to own physical or digital version of games?

    I only do downloads these days. In fact, I don't even remember the last time I bought a physical game, because it's been years. Old games on sale are incredibly cheap on PC, and I can get 10x the number of games for the money than I could get if I insisted on discs, nevermind the sheer variety...
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    Is it true that kh fans think this?

    Elitism shows up in many places. It can be super annoying. The absolute worst community I've ever seen in terms of elitism is the heavy metal community. After witnessing all kinds of elitism (and regular attacks on minorities) in the heavy metal community, I've come to find the KH community...
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    Would you be in favor of Original/Square Enix worlds in replace of Disney worlds?

    Both original and Disney worlds can be fantastic or terrible. There's so much more that goes into them than whether they're original or Disney.
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    Unpopular Gaming Opinions

    Big text is less distracting than small text. Games are looking worse as time goes on and graphics get fancier. I could go on and on about similar things, but basically, I'm a retro gamer who doesn't like how 3D games look these days.
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    Bosses you would redesign

    I would change the big ol' fire and ice heartless bosses in KH2. I'm pretty sure no player has ever lost to them. They look weak and they are weak. Maybe they should have added a thunder boss too. Maybe then it wouldn't feel like smashing scenery. I would change the Xemnas throne fights to be...
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    What would you change about the KH1 story?

    Another big change that could be good is axing the plot point of Kairi's heart going into Sora right at the beginning of the story. Have both of them look leave the islands and look for Riku. This could offer more character development, more character interactions, and less hatred for Kairi. Or...
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    KH Shower Thoughts

    Why is part of the flooring in the third district of Traverse Town able to burst upwards and trap people inside by the fountain? Who designed that? Who controls it? Was someone trying to get SDG killed? I want to know! What was the point of adding all the pipes onto and into the castle of...
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    What would you change about the KH1 story?

    I agree with a lot of the stuff I've already seen so far. I would give more context to the Guard Armor and Opposite Armor. As it is, they just appear, and it's kind of awkward. I'd give an NPC a throwaway line about Maleficent experimenting with summoning more powerful heartless, or giant...
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    What side games do YOU want?

    I want all the spinoffs. They won't all be smash shits to me, but they allow a good amount of creative freedom, can be made cheaply, and have good potential to be cult classics and be well worth playing. I would especially like a spinoff focusing on platforming, exploration, and puzzle solving...
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    What Would Make You Give Up On Kingdom Hearts?

    What will make me give up is if I don't enjoy DDD, BBS 2, and KH3 (the last one I've completed being Re:Coded). From what I've heard, these games aren't exactly amazing in the gameplay, with a lack of exploration and puzzle solving, and janky combat. I already know from looking at cutscenes that...
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    KH1 is the best game in the series because

    This actually wasn't exactly the case in the French and German dubs, in which Sora was voiced by a 20-year-old and a 16-year old. I think the voice directors in these languages went off of Sora's canonical age rather than just his appearance, because they could obviously have hired younger...
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    KH1 is the best game in the series because

    It makes them do physical attacks on whatever you're locked onto. The best use I've found for it is having the party attack Kurt Zisa's shield to drop MP bubbles. Donald might otherwise use magic and break Kurt Zisa's shield before you have an opportunity to refill your MP. Although I was being...
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    KH1 is the best game in the series because

    It's the best game ever because you can press triangle to make your party members attack. And they made it even better in the remaster! Now you can do special attacks with the same button. It's truly the best.
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    Do you think we will ever get a 358/2 Days remake?

    I think there's more than a small chance of it being remade eventually. The game made money, is a cult classic, and the manga adaptation made money and is also a cult classic. There's even a novelization and an animated version that aren't entirely obscure. The gameplay design is already...
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    Axel's voice actor preys on his female fanbase on social media

    I know it was sarcastic when you suggested they switch to text boxes, but I'd be all for it. Voice acting can add to a work, but it's clearly unnecessary considering a huge amount of the media we consume has all the dialog in the form of text. I'm all for developers saving money and making...
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    How DID the organization find out about Sora and Riku's exploits?

    I think Axel is just a hedonist with little regard for his job. I doubt the Organization is aware of RAX's constant ice cream breaks and mixing with the locals beyond what is necessary. As for how Sora became a person of interest before CoM, the Organization was already spying on many worlds to...