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    KHII Original Soundtrack

    Can anyone upload the soundtrack for me? I would buy it but it wasn't released in the US, and I don't make purchases on the net. No credit card lol. Anyway, if anyone can help, thanx a bunch.
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    Royal Form! (its never gonna happen but isnt it beuatiful?)

    Whoa, that's pretty awesome. I haven't seen fan forms that good in a while.
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    out of 10 how good was kh2

    8.5 too easy (think 1000 Heartless Battle) and yes, short. I also hated the fact that magic wasn't really a necessity.
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    OMG this is frustrating!

    Could someone please help me. I've been trying to complete Jiminy's Journal for MONTHS and I have only have to complete my synthesis recipe list. Problem: I have everything except 6 items, starting after "Power Boost" and ending before "Midnight Anklet". So my list looks like this: Defense...
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    KH2 Final Mix discussion

    OMG this is SO awesome! I do hope the Mix is a little more challenging than KH2 though.
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    Why do you hate Atlantica?

    I love it, but I guess that's because I love the movie...I don't spend A LOT of time in Atlantica but I don't hate it.
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    OMG I'm So Frustrated! HELP!!!

    I am so close to completing Jiminy's Journal I can taste it:( I just have ONE more treasure chest to find in Twilight Town and I've looked ALL OVER and I can't find it. It's the one on the fourth row, second to last one, right between Mythril Shard and AP Boost. Can someone PLEASE tell me...
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    Roxas or sora

    I though Roxas was okay, but I have to most definitely pick Sora.
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    Pick 3 KH2 people you would marry.

    Sora Riku Cloud
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    How In The HECK. . .

    Are you suppose to beat The Cerberus Cup with a score of 5,000? Or The Goddess of Fate Cup with a score of 3,000? I'm on level 85 and usually score around 1500. Is it even possible:eek:
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    Mickey, Donald, & Goofy VS. Sephiroth?!?!

    I was surfing youtube for KH2 videos when I found this: Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qQBgjGqO1M&search=sora How is this possible?!:eek:
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    Anyone Else Having Trouble With The Posters?

    If it were easy I wouldn't have bothered making this thread. Thank you all for the tips. I'll let you know how it went:D
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    Anyone Else Having Trouble With The Posters?

    I cannot believe they expect us to post 20 posters in 30 seconds. There has to be a way to accomplish this. Tips anyone?
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    What your favorite world?

    Twlight Town is definitely my favorite, followed closely by Land of Dragons.
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    Was anyone else as disappointed with the 1K heartless battle as I was?

    Judging by the trailers, they made it out to be the highlight of the game (or climax). But after thrasing through the pile of Heartless effortlessly I couldn't help but be a little dissappointed. I wanted a tougher challenge, with Behemoths, Wyvern, and Donald and Goofy by my side^.^
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    Who liked Atlantica

    I liked Atlantica in the first one, dispite it being a bit bland:p But I absolutely LOVED it this time around. Not only did the world look better, but it was unique. A breather from all of the fighting, with some really great songs.
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    The "How far are you in KHII" thread.

    I just made it to Atlantica!
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    What's your favorite world?

    Twilight Town so far. I still have to visit Christmas Town, Pride Rock, Space Paranoids, and TWTNW.
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    Thunder *help needed*

    I bought Kingdom Hearts yesterday and my dad was too cheap to buy me the Stradegy Guide so I've come to you guys for help:o Okay, I'm on level 20 and just arrived in Atlantica, yet I still haven't learned the magic spell: Thunder. Like, wtf? Is there something I didn't do? Or will I learn it...
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    I say SCREW IGN!!!

    Of course we are all going to enjoy the game nonetheless, but you have to admit that ign.com is a VERY popular site and are usually credible. General gamers who might have caught a KH2 commericial may want to go buy the game but check on ign first and see this indignity:mad: Oh, well...