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    Possible SPOILERS- New info from KHI

    Whoops sorry about that just wanted to know if anyone caught that.... I hope Cloud is playable it just give me another reson to buy the game.
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    Possible SPOILERS- New info from KHI

    Has anyone noticed ,but me that Roxas = Sora with an X? Maybe all the unknowns have scrambled up names like thats...oh well great info One who does not exist!
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    Hawaii World-Proof!

    Wow I never noticed the command bar thing and how it does look like the ending of the first Lilo and Stitch so probably there is a Lilo and Stitch world even if it's just a mini one it will most likely be in there. Must say what the others said, Great Find!
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    Nomura hinted there might be more new FF charas...

    Hate to admit it ,but I would love to see Warrior, Theif, Black Mage and White Mage from FF1 you could pick out of four anmes each one then you actually hear their names because it was pre-programmed in the game. It also be nice to see them wander around Hollow Bastion Town (Just because no...
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    Stitch possibly has a world....

    A few moments ago I knew my idea couldn't be true because it shows a Stitch summon icon right over the Drive Bar (I think). A Lilo and Stitch world would be pretty nice ,but severely unlikely... oh well at least Stitch will be possibly the coolest summon in the game...also the reason I said Sora...
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    Stitch possibly has a world....

    If you see the new H.Q scans where it shows Stitch as a Summon you notice in one screen you see Sora in Master Form on a beach with Stitch on top of him. Could it possibly be Hawaii that they're at and that you have to get Stitch like you had to get Genie as a summon? This is just a thought...
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    Who do you think should be the true Keyblade master?

    My vote goes to Stitch on this one. He has his own two movies, a t.v show and his own game he's also proabably the only character we'll see in KH2 with a gun like weapon...
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    I'm not new to forums ,but I'm new to THIS forum. The MCP in my user name means (Master Control Program.) For those who are wondering and that's the robot/thing in my avatar. I'm not a n00b or spammer or any of the other things which turn forums upside down. Well just reply if you feel like it...