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    Tron confirmed

    The more worlds the better.
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    Pete in lion king world

    It looks like Pete mated with a female lion. Gross!
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    Am I the only one that felt that...*SPOILERS*

    Are these supposed to spoilers or just KH discussions?
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    Pete in lion king world

    Jesus, that is one ugly lion.
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    sora and kairi (kh2)

    I don't know if they will kiss or not. However, I would think that they would at least be together at the end of the game.
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    The difficulty of Kingdom Hearts 2

    KH was an incredibly easy game except for the hidden bosses. I would guess that KH2 would be more difficult because they have added more to the battle system.
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    Coolest Weopon in Kingdom Hearts or KH2

    Leon's Gunblade or Clouds Busterblade.
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    Coop Moves

    Aurons is by far the coolest.
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    About Riku...

    Good. I want to hand Riku's ass to himself again. Ahhh sweet memories.
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    What else do you think KH2 needs to make it the best?

    Seriously, I'm hard pressed to think of anything that could make KH2 better than to make the game even longer.
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    What was KH missing?

    Some of the worlds could have been longer such as Neverland. That world can literally be beaten in less than 10 minutes.
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    fight along side Mufasa??

    That theory seems plausible.
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    When KH2 come out what are you going to do?

    I'm gonna stay away from the forums and play my Xbox 360 till March. Perfect Dak Zero and Call of Duty 2 are poor substitutes for KH2, but they're going to have to do.
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    Jump Festa 2006!!!

    Will this release more information on KH2 then some of us would want to know? I want the story to still be a mystery for when I finally get my hands on the ame.
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    New Disney Adventures Scan

    Good try, but these are very old scans.
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    do you think he will stop here??

    I think 99% of us want it now.
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    New 'Recital' Move

    That move looks sweet.
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    Fujin and Rajin?

    So thats who they are. I heard their names frequently, but never knew who they were.
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    Hear Haley J.O. voice!

    That IS way too mature sounding. How old is he in KH2? I thought 16 or 17 but now I don't know.
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    Fujin and Rajin?

    I'm not a huge FF fan so I too have no idea who they are.