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    Kingdom Hearts II FM+ Release date

    Well They wouldnt have Redo DIz's voice sense i dont think he aged much.As for Sora,Riku and Kairi.here pretty much screwed unless the actors can make there voices sound younger.There probably even be more actors sense because of the Re:Com Disc for alll the org members -__-
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    Who was the coolest enemy in CoM?

    I say Axel as welll.He was hard and He killed me like 30 thousand times but I cant be serious on this sense welll its not very serious
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    ill be back in the summer heres my good bye present

    Here you go guys lets see how many people actually have the time and patince to answer these questiions . How much gold do you have? 2. How much gold do you wish to have? 3. Are you questing something? 4. If so what? 5. How much more gold do you need till you have enough to get your...
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    Good Bye Meh Peeps

    Ello people.Well anway Im getting yelled at and my grades are dropping........again.So I might not be back til summer so ill cya later guys.
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Strategy Guide

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 2 Strategy Guide (Spoilers) That boss was easy youll get past him soon
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    Fanfiction ► Another other

    Yeah Il put the next chapter up tommorow I dont have enough strength to thinlk
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    Drve help

    Yeah basically what MuffinLord said.What really sucks is that its every enemy you kill
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    Help with tron

    Y^our welcome dude ask me if you need any help with any other parts of kh2
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    Help with tron

    You have to go and beat all the other worlds until it says Hollow bastion has a new episode.So go beat Xaling or something
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    Fanfiction ► Another other

    Thanks.Heres Chap.3 Everything was different.They had native clothing and everyone wascarrying around either a club or another type of weapon.I walked into the middle of the street.I gazed around at my new surroundings.I thought I would see what this place was like sense I would be here for...
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    KH2 is good. ...but only the jap. version.

    Ive noticed that their l;ips were off sync and the onlyvoice I thought was crappy was Areith.I didnt like Xaldins appearance.It didnt match his voice in anyway what so ever.I think they could have made Xemnas have more attacks and they could have given Luxord a better battle system they could...
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    Fanfiction ► Another other

    I walked in through the dooor and saw that the room was empty.I walked through thepile of books and headed toward the table that Merlin usually takes around.On the table was a note.I picked it up and unfolded it. Dear Cloud We have gone in search of Yen Sid.If we never return I want you to...
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    Fanfiction ► Another other

    ok ill just put the other one down in a sec
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    The Sekigahara

    It is the year 1600 Monday,26 5:30 pm. 30 minutes before The Sekigahra.Ochiudo Zato has put a 5 million ryo Bounty on 5 samurai.The question is why does he fear these 5. 1587: Mr.Zato became a government of officer.He was coverd with body guards.Taking over village after village and the ones...
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    Fanfiction ► Another other

    Another Other I walked down the purple tiled street heading toward the Bailey.Something felt weird in the air as if I was suspecting to see something like Sora.Heck he hasn’t been seen for years.Something still didn’t feel right.I quickly grabbed my hilt and pointed it at my stalker.He was...
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    Darkness In the Light

    The world that never was faded away after the defeat of Xemnas.They say that when they died their hearts were sent to Kingdom Hearts for Light and peace. "The only reason they wanted Hearts to get theirs Back,Did we have any right to do anything to stop them"Those were the last words Sora said...
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    KH2 Release Date Discussion Thread

    Meh.Same here.But that might not be possible unless you reserved a copy.MAny Kingdom Hearts fans will probably go there right after school espically the high schoolers.I would probably guess that there might be only 6 copies left at 3:00 pm,and all of them were saved fopr people who reserved copies
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Strategy Guide

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 2 Strategy Guide (Spoilers) Because,What Ive done was goneand pick every weapon and....Yeah why pick sheild
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    Fanfiction ► Ramen Chronicles (I was bored)

    Ramen:String Noodles of Hell My name is Zionix.I am the true heir to String Noodle.In the country of Cury.The world has become a basic mad house of Noodle Jutsu’s.Created sense….”Ok cut the crap ass hole” .Zion threw a Hot bowl of Cury at Vash’s face. “You totally know that’s not how it...