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  1. drew0512

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory game announced, releasing worldwide in 2020

    Fate refers to something that you can't predict, change and even comprehend. In the greek mythology, it is determined by the Moirai and the gods, not even Zeus, can change nor influence it (the Parcae and the Norns have the same role in the roman and the norse mythologies, respectively). Destiny...
  2. drew0512

    Would KH3 be better if they included DDD's story in it? (multiple choice)

    DDD's story would make everything worse simply because it's DDD's story.
  3. drew0512

    Why does nobody talk about how 0.2 was better than KH3?

    Then don't, but I'll just keep considering that comment just a snarky, kind of random remark with some anti-KH3 bias sprinkled on it. Customization, objectives, the gears segment at the start. Stuff to extend the playtime as much as possible. Every game does this but it's particularly evident...
  4. drew0512

    Why does nobody talk about how 0.2 was better than KH3?

    I only agree with your first point. Some things you listed I would almost describe as objectively wrong (I think I missed Kairi's personality in her 2 min screentime, especially compared to KH3), but it's your opinion amd I respect it, of course. 0.2 was very atypical, mostly because they...
  5. drew0512

    *SPOILERS* The new death scene

    Because Xehanort is legally a Disney character. Everything you see in Kingdom Hearts that is not from Final Fantasy or The World Ends With You belongs to Disney.
  6. drew0512

    Should Sora Become A "Keyblade Master"?

    He doesn't need that title and it would be jarring now. Xehanort accepting defeat and handing over the χ-blade was more powerful and symbolic than any other possible cerimony.
  7. drew0512

    Unpopular opinions!

    The opening represents the keyblade war so Naminé has no place there considering she is not a fighter. She is not part of "my friends are my power" scene in DDD for the same exact reason.
  8. drew0512

    For the next game

    Yes. Will it happen? No.
  9. drew0512

    News ► Kingdom Hearts Dark Road details revealed

    I was expecting something like this so I'm not surprised or really disappointed. It makes sense to connect it with UX so no surprises here either. It's hard to get excited about the story though, considering that UX updates once in a lifetime.
  10. drew0512

    Unpopular opinions!

    Yes, that's Ventus talking and it's not the only time it happens. The latest catchphrase is "May your heart be your guiding key" which has a literal meaning: during KH3, Sora's heart is leading him to the places he needs to visit and that happens when he saves Aqua too (but it's Ventus' heart)...
  11. drew0512


    How is this even connected with the message I quoted?
  12. drew0512


    It's called Advent Children and KH2's job was to advertise it.
  13. drew0512

    KH3 was just three original worlds away from surpassing 2FM.

    People can wish for things they enjoy (especially because games are not free). If a certain aspect of KH is reducing their enjoyment, it's their right to wish there was less of it.
  14. drew0512

    KH3 was just three original worlds away from surpassing 2FM.

    Enough people couldn't care less about KH's original stuff and would be happy to just play in the Disney worlds. KH's audience is very diverse and even if it wasn't your intention maybe, you spoke on behalf of millions of players. You think those are the best parts, not everyone agrees though...
  15. drew0512

    KH3 was just three original worlds away from surpassing 2FM.

    Because people have different opinions and care about different things. You think these are the best parts of the series and you also care a lot about FF characters, whereas other people couldn't possibly care less. Some people even want KH without Disney despite Disney being what makes KH...
  16. drew0512

    Classic elements you miss that were not in KH3

    I believe you misunderstood something. The point of the thread is to name things that are present in KH1-2 but not in 3, so "lack of things to do post-ending" doesn't make sense without more context for the reasons you and I mentioned. There's no weaker or stronger points to make because it's...
  17. drew0512

    Heartbroken that I have to admit this but....

    KH3's magic system is underrated. Blizzard can freeze and you can use it to reach the enemy faster while initiating a flowmotion attack. Water is useful when shadows and neoshadows are "hiding" on the ground and can act as a shield; thunder makes the enemies slower and aero works like magnet...
  18. drew0512

    Next game in the series…

    I'm curious, why? That doesn't sound like something KH3 was supposed to do at all to me