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  1. jdgjordan

    How did she come back.

    So at the final battle we see that xion is one of the 13th but how. Is she not the other 3rd heart in sora the one they did not know about and at no point up to that point did sora release that heart so how is she here and how did Xehanort bring her on there side?
  2. jdgjordan

    Yen Sid is takeing over as the main leader of the series

    If you look at were we are right now in the series everything is being done by Yen Sid's orders. Go here, wear this, train there so you can get this power do this thing. Its been all Yen Sid's doing. Leading are heroes to there next goal. Sure he is not doing the grunt work but thats the fine...
  3. jdgjordan

    A real PVP keyblade war could never fairly work in game.

    If some how they made a real pvp key-blade war in the game it would be so one sided it would never work for any other teams but one. For Japan servers Unicornis would wipe the floor with sheer numbers. And the NA servers would get destroyed by the vast numbers of Vulpeus (witch is funny to think...
  4. jdgjordan

    should Nomura call Kingdom Hearts 3 (KINGDOM HEARTS 3) or somting else

    I think he should call it something else just to screw with all of us cause kh3 is already a made game to some people. He should call it something like Kingdom Hearts Xehanorts End. or something like that. heck why not call it what it is that is if bbsv2 and 3d are the last games before it...
  5. jdgjordan

    WAIT! Xigbar got his heart back?

    i thinks its the past but i also think it doesn't matter because at this point its pretty much fact that braig will come back for this game 3d or kh3.
  6. jdgjordan

    the only way i think Vanitas sould come back (if he does) is threw ven (Spoilers for BBS)

    I know Vanitas is a popular charater one that i like as well but I think if he is to ever come back it sould be in vens body. like he was at the end of aquas story. I know every one want to see dark hair sora vs brown hair sora but i think that form of vanitas was destroyed by ven but his soul...
  7. jdgjordan

    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts Fall of Radiance Rising of Hope

    AN/All right i have decied to post it hear as well if any of you want to read at fanfic.net for some reason hear is the link Kingdom Hearts Fall of Radiance Rising of Hope, a Kingdom Hearts fanfic - FanFiction.Net Chapter 1 Beginnings THUMP! Two wooden sword's clashed against one another and...
  8. jdgjordan

    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts Fall of Radiance Rising of Hope

    What do Cloud Squall/Leon Zack Yuffie Arith Tifa Cid Merlin Scrooge Mickey Ansem Xehanort Braig Dilan Even Aeleus Ienzo Isa and Lea all have in commen they where all there durring the fall of Radiant Garden. This is my newest Fanfic witch will sorta be a prelude story for my KH3 fanfic story...
  9. jdgjordan

    what character do think could end up dead in or at the end of kh3

    if they decided to kill off one of there main charater in kh3 it could be durring the game or end of the game who do you think it would be now it has to be some one logical not a charater you hate so for most of you picking kairi is not an option case we all know she going to live threw the hole...
  10. jdgjordan

    Recoded spoiler yensid's mark of mastery test

    i am just glade this MOM proves yensid was a key blade master i remeber when every one thought i was crasy about thinking he was
  11. jdgjordan

    Sora vs Ven who would win

    Who would win in a all out fight between Sora (the power he is at the end of kh2) and Ven I think Sora could do it givin enofe time in the fight he sorta of where the enmey down and then finsh him kinda of guy but remeber ven is the person do swift storng end the fight fast kind of guy.
  12. jdgjordan

    Should Mickey have his own entry in the series?

    Do you think Mickey should star in his own game in the Kingdom Hearts series? If so, when do you feel it should be in the timeline and what should it be about?
  13. jdgjordan

    [spoilers] Jack Sparrow able to wield a Keyblade?

    This is something that's been bugging me; sorry if something like this has already been posted. By the title of this post you're probably thinking 'The heck?' Well, let me explain: The Keyblade is passed down by having a wielder allow someone simultaneous contact with their Keyblade - This is...
  14. jdgjordan

    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts: The Three Doors (Prologue and Chapter 1 are up!)

    Re: Kingdom Hearts: The Three Doors (Prologue and Preview) i like so far what i love about your fanfics is you keep sora and his gang as the main hero a lot of fanfic storys have oc charaters as the main witch is fine but i like reading storys about the main hero we have come to love and known
  15. jdgjordan

    Fanfiction ► The 13th Anthology

    that sounds good i cant wait to see how you do lexaeus story and how you give him good charater develmont seeing how he has the least to work with in terms of what we seen in the games
  16. jdgjordan

    Fanfiction ► The 13th Anthology

    are you still doing this beacuse its relly good hope to see more soon
  17. jdgjordan

    Braig as next main villain after kh3

    Nomura has said that kh3 would be the end of the Xehanort saga so the only person i can think that can fill in the shoes of the next main villain is braig he been there sence the start in bbs he allways knows whats going on and we still dont know what he wants what do you guys think Braig as...
  18. jdgjordan

    Guy With Two Blue Blades???

    i just love how your all saying NO IT CANT BE THIS CHARATER like you know it can be any one there are no facts to this charater hell i can say its kairi from the god dam futher and there nothing you can say to disprove it it can very well be xemans ansem or who ever we think it is so dont say...
  19. jdgjordan

    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts: Reborn from the Darkness (ORIGINAL) [Rewrite is currently at prologue part 1]

    Re: Kingdom Hearts: Reborn from the Darkness (CHAPTER 3 PART 2.5) i have to know is braig gona be key player in the story or is just gona act as just another member
  20. jdgjordan

    The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread [complete]

    Re: The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread all this talk about aqua is funny and yes i do belive you need to be a good va to voice charaters there are no AND I MEAN NO exceptions even less so for a series like this aqua va needs to do better there not geting paid lots of money to try va there...