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  1. kitty

    KH3D English Trailer Up!

    Didn't David Gallagher say he voiced YMX? I recall watching a video where he mentioned doing so...it was the same video where he told that story about walking in on HJO's recording session. It's like we all forgot that he said that or something...well, everyone except me of course, haha, yeah...
  2. kitty

    Another characters? photos inside

    Huh, not going to lie, did not expect that....AT ALL. At least Nomura truly surprised us with something this obscure.
  3. kitty

    Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance]

    Does anyone else notice that when Riku sees Ansem, Xemnas is faintly seen behind him...and vice versa with Sora.. What could this mean...
  4. kitty

    Kingdom Hearts 3D's story "on par with main titles, will have shocking ending"

    No, the ending of 3D will go a little something like this: "Riku, why does everyone keep thinking I'm you" "Think Sora, now why would they do that" We have just lost cabin pressure.
  5. kitty

    New Re:Coded Trailer from IGN

    True, true, but us as a society does not usually choose to look at such matters, I wish they did but oh well Anyways...
  6. kitty

    New Re:Coded Trailer from IGN

    Yes well, sadly in a world where america is based on mindless storyless shooters no one respects the simple rpg. It's simply because they are small minded as you said.
  7. kitty

    Merchandise: BBS Keyblade Keychains

    Fix'd, anyways I'm thinking I wanna go with Ven's if I did buy it, which I probably won't.
  8. kitty

    Why does Vanitas look like Goofy?

    Whoa whoa...yeah, wait a second why is it that Sora and Ventus look alike? So technically Sora looks like Ventus except the hair, I mean they thought Roxas looked like Sora right? I always thought that they thought Roxas "looked" like Sora because he was Sora's nobody and when Sora went in...
  9. kitty

    Ventus (Demo Reel)

    Your voice in that one episode made me kinda wanna watch that series! Very good job!
  10. kitty

    Re:coded "Status Matrix" and "Floor Trial" gameplay videos.

    Re: coded "Status Matrix" and "Floor Trial" gameplay videos. I'm surprised! This actually really makes me want to get the game! I mean I was already going to get it, but this! This is just cool!
  11. kitty

    Birth by Sleep Final Mix TGS Info (Will have BRAND NEW content, January 2011)

    Also apparently according to Kh13 and Heartstation there will be: "The new scenes in the “Secret Episode” will reveal mysteries of the series."
  12. kitty

    Regarding the PSP Bundle Issue

    ummmm, well sorry to say, but thats pretty normal. In case you didn't know this, when you press the home button on any game, on any psp, it says "Would you like to quit?" This is normal, there is no problem, why do you think the home button is there?
  13. kitty

    How much is the BBS Guide?

    I got mine for 2000 munny, roughly the cost of a watermelon
  14. kitty

    Question about a Terra Scene (Possibly MAJOR spoilers)

    lol, could you imagine Nomura's explanation: Interviewer: So, how is it that Sora can wield the keyblade, he has gone through no inheritance ceremony? Nomura: (Laughs) Well, this is one of those mysteries that could possibly change the course of the history forever, but I cannot go into...
  15. kitty

    The Official Mysterious Figure Thread

    Actually what I meant by the hidden memories thing is like roxas, ventus, vantias, and xion's memories. I should have been more specific! Hmmm, maybe if all the hidden memories reveal themselves...then....the possiblity of it being sora or sora/data is quite possible
  16. kitty

    The Official Mysterious Figure Thread

    Maybe the boss is the hidden memories of Sora...that would explain why the boss has so many different moves from so many different people... Better yet its the personified data that Ansem hid in Sora If it is Sora or the data, maybe it was testing the three, to see if they truly deserved to be...
  17. kitty

    The Official Mysterious Figure Thread

    lol heres my theory, but it might sound a bit fan fic-y: But what if time travel is a new power Sora has to use to save people, think about it. It would be logical for time travel to be used to save certain people.
  18. kitty

    The secret boss could be....

    Yup and to add to it the keyblade actually has a clock on it...yup this is definitely time travel :D
  19. kitty

    Question about a Terra Scene (Possibly MAJOR spoilers)

    Er...asir is right about the second one...
  20. kitty

    Young MX and Riku

    To add on to what you said, its interesting because Riku and MX both believed that the world should have a balance between light and darkness, and neither of them fear the darkness... But like you said the choose in the end two paths, while Riku decided to take the Road to the Dawn, MX decided...