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    Are you going to be one of those people?

    ive already pre ordered mine for once it come out the first day
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    New Artwork!!!

    lol that is a gd find
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    How will we first see the enemy this time?

    erm but do u think that pete will be there aswell as the org but they won't have there hoods down i don't think
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    Lion King theory

    good theroy although it probebly be in pride rock
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    Just a thought...

    sum od reason i don't think thats a key hole i think thats sora's power because if the sig continues you would see the unknown and sora would if beaten him if he was gonna lock a keyhole h did it with over bosses but then that would mean the unknown isn't bad
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    Feelings For Kingdom Hearts 2

    you should never get emotinal over something thats not real (being a keyblade master i mean not the game)
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    Drive Meter and you......

    its probebly right but it goes down to one instead of two
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    Feelings For Kingdom Hearts 2

    its a game jeese i like kingdom hearts as well as the next ebst gamer but still i don't get emotinal over it
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    New funny video

    that was a luagh
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    KH2 Summons?

    i think the best summon was geine so he could be back and tinkerbell
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    riku and bhk theories

    they are some good idea's
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    fusion question

    theres also a donald one
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    I Found A Video!!!!

    qiute old but anway vintiged
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    KH2 Demo?

    who nowswhen it comes out and who cares
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    he looks like wolverine to me and i think he looks evil enogh to be with the org
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    i'm making this thread so people can make there post go up it will probebly get closed but still
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    Does Diz even have a weapon?

    we don't no until it comes out
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    Who thinks kh2 will be the last kh game?

    we will have to wait if kingdomhearts 2 has aother kliff hanger
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    What happens when you touch a Moogle's PomPom?

    i din't you could touch the baloon
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    the door to light too light

    what i don't get is why was kingdom hearts light wouldn't it be twilight if light and dark was balance