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    english demo coming soon!?

    i'm going to caliornia on friday
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    whats your fav. thing to do on kh

    i like beating sephiroth..it's fun
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    sephiroth challenge

    i did it it's soooo easy that's it's not even funny,it used to be though
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    the door in the secret place on destiny islands

    but isn't that because their world was being taken by the darkness?
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    What's Your favorite non-heartless boss

    sephiroth...he rocks!!
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    How do you get Reverse blade...if there is one?1

    yeah i have all those things but i just got them for fun
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    i need help with Vexen!!!

    what level are you at
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    U Know U Have Played Too Much KH/CoM when...

    you know you've played to much KH when you expect a cricket to keep a journal about what you do
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    new abilities

    yeah but they said what abilities would you want in there, not what is in there
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    hardest kh1 boss

    the hardest is septhiroth for me anyway
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    Fanfiction ► A poem for Rikku

    it's really good so hurry up and post more