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    Coolest Weopon in Kingdom Hearts or KH2

    dude the keyblade fo' me is the dark keyblade! the one riku uses that was born from the princesses hearts? that one RAWKS!!!! ^_^ other than that my favorite is the tried and true kingdom key
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    What world u wanna live in

    dude have u never seen mulana!? Land of Dragons is in ancient china not japan! lol
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    The Superior

    lol that sounds like fun, TMM and einon san. i would like to read that. DiZ is supposed to be a shell of ansem, from what i've read, so he may or may not be the superior ot the XIII organization. i guess we'll just have to wait until the game comes out to know for sure. btw it comes out in...
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    Do you think...

    ah no dude his form should stay the same. it would be really cool when his clothes change colors but personally i think that changing his form completely will be overkill. but thats just me lol.
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    What world u wanna live in

    i would personally either choose destiny islands or holloween town. both r REALLY cool worlds. i like to do yahoo rpg and my chara lives in destiny islands and whats y i would want to go there. also im kinda a dark kind of person so i would also like to go to halloween town because its one of my...
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    If you Could Chooe a Path

    i am definately going with darkness. too many people go with light. plus its good to be bad >:). *loves darkness* ish sooo very fun to be bad ha ha!