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    First Keyblade Master?

    There probably was anotha keyblade master b4 sora n mickey n whoever else we know bout,but they might give us dis knda info in kh2 so we'll jus hav 2 make sum good theories bout this for a while becuase i obviously like it(i think -_-)
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    Kairi's Past

    Re: Kiaris past hmmm o i think i remember now...im gonna make tho......o well even though if she wuz an experiment would that still make ansem her father??
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    Kairi's Past

    Re: Kiaris past ok wait wen did kairi become an expiriment???
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    The Namine Topic 2.0

    namine wuz jus a girl who wuz captured 2 b used by da organization so she could help them destroy sora
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    lol i never thought bout it......well i thoguth it wuz na-mineee
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    no good with theories/ so many questions

    ok first of all dnt act like a mod!n ya i didnt really understand y u dnt think bhk doesnt know sora or w/e
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    Is Kairi a Keyblade Master?

    Re: Is Kairi a keyblade master well itd b cool but i doubt shed b a keyblade master...but i think she mite be able 2 wield a weapon of sum kind atleast but not a keyblade 4 sure
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    Kairi's Past

    Re: Kiaris past well a while ago early 2004 we talked bout dis.........n der iznt az much proof 4 ansem being kairi's father so i doubt it
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    Kingdom Hearts Appreciation

    Re: Well, here's my KH appreciation lol i like ur friends hair o n it does look weird wit da keychain off
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    how do u get monster cards easily

    ya try out some cards dat will get lotz of heartless around n i guess jus keep tryin....if dat doesnt work den im sry,i dunno
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    One HUGE THEORY MUST READ!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ya even though ive been gone from da forums for a while ive been browsin 4 kh2 theory's n news....so like da rest of em said this theory aint dat important becuz it iznt as much true az da other theory's