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    Neon Genesis Evangelion

    hey this is my favorite anime i have all 26 episodes and have seen both the movies .Does any one else like this show?
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    project DCK

    has anyone seen project DCK i think its funny lord of the key is great! here is a link http://www.projectdck.com/
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    Sora vs Riku

    Re: Sora .vs. Riku i would say sora cuz when i played sora never lost.
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    What Sqaure-Enix character do you want to be as an extra boss?

    i would like to fight syemore fromm FF 10
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    Fanfiction ► In my pants 1.5

    Re: In my pants 2.0 FFx-2 What can i do for u what can i do for u what cani i do for u in my pa-ants. FFx tidus-i have to go with you in my pants i have to...
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    Fanfiction ► Things KH Characters Would Never Say!!!! REBORN!!!

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    i was wondering

    I was wondering if im the only one here that never has had a girlfriend in their life.
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    Y r people asking for dating advice.....

    Y are people asking for advice in the forms so mutch?
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    im BORED aging.......

    It seems i get bored often.What really sucks is the time i got bored on ALL summer vacation one main reason is because my ps2 one of the very first out gut the DISK READ ERROR problem.So i started making halo and halo 2 movies with my friends witch was suprizingly funny.One thing they wanted me...