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  1. Z

    KH2 Script

    Ahh... yeah... You have fun with that. :(
  2. Z

    The 'Create Your Own KH2 Boss' Thread!

    The Arbiter Defense: 67 Attack: 23 Health: 6 Abilities: Counter: An aura that reduces MP regeneration by 50%. Supression: An aura that reduces Drive Gauge Generation by 50%. Judgment: A powerful strike that incapacitates a target for 5 seconds, as well as deals a modest amount of damage.
  3. Z

    Nobodies and Homunculi (spoilers)

    Hmm, there was quite a bit of food for though in this. I never really thought of it that way.
  4. Z

    Ice Cream

    Ahh... Marketing device? o.o
  5. Z

    Destiny Mode

    I think you need typing lessons ;)
  6. Z

    who do you think has the sadest since of style in kh2?

    Pete Looked Repulsive >.<
  7. Z

    The Unofficial "I Dislike Something in KH2" Thread

    The DDR Style of Atlantica, Aerith's voice was driving me insane, she looked happy expression wise, but when she talked It was just... so monotone... Bugged me >.<. The game was way too short, there wasn't too much "Welcome Back!" spark in the returning to the worlds. I also think that the...
  8. Z

    what is your fav thing a character said in kh2?

    All of Axel's comments win. Just the sarcastic humor.
  9. Z

    Kh2 Is Officially a Good Game!

    Re: Kh2 Is Officially A Bad Game Or Good Game IGN has given the majority of the games I like and play a bad review, with the exception of a few, IGN is full of it.
  10. Z

    Anti Form-Cool? or Sucky?

    First time it happened, it was interesting, of course =p The next... 8... 9 times... Yeah... The timing -wasn't- exactly too good.
  11. Z

    Strength, magic, or defense?

    I went ahead and picked Defense, why, I'll never know :confused: