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    Unexplained Questions Explained - [Spoilers]

    Although there are spoilers in this thread, it is mainly for discussion purposes. If there is a better forum for this then feel free to direct me to it. :D (But if someone already suggests it don't spend 2 pages going "RONG FOROM N00B LOZL!". I only need to hear it once. That said: Hi! :D I've...
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    I've Discovered A Connection Between Ff Vs. 13 And Kh2's Secret Video!

    Heehee -- everytime I read one of your posts I just wanna poke you in the eye with a stick. :DD You ever think, maybe it's not "I KNOW IT'S NOT IMPORTANT BUT THERE HAS TO BE A CONNECTION!! THERE HAS TO BE!!!" and that it's just what everyone else has already said: the fact that the same people...
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    Riku's Transformation

    DiZ offered the Power of Darkness and the Power of Light. When Riku said neither, DiZ assumed he wanted death in oblivion. But then Riku said that the middle road meant utilizing both powers.
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    Blindfold unknown is...

    I can't believe people are still debating over this!! Seriously, guys. If you just pause Deep Dive when the 2 Unknowns are running up the Large Billboard, you clearly see Riku's Shoe from the Blindfolded Unknown, and the Red Parts of BHK's Shoe from the Duel-Wielding Unknown. Unless Kadaj...
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    BHK and The Dual Wielding Unknown

    Actually is is 100% him. If you pause the scene in Deep Dive where BHK and BFU are running up the building, you see the read part of BHK's sneaker, and the front part of Riku's sneaker. 'nough said.
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    theory of KH2/why does 13th order want that keyblade?

    I reffer you back to the 13 Ansem Reports. He says that in this world (this could mean side, as in each side of the 2 Doors, or just Hollow Bastion in particular.) the heart casts off from the body and becomes a Heartless, but it could be possible that in another world (again, read above...
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    BHK is not a shell

    I reffer you back to the 13 Ansem Reports. He says that in this world (this could mean side, as in each side of the 2 Doors, or just Hollow Bastion in particular.) the heart casts off from the body and becomes a Heartless, but it could be possible that in another world (again, read above...
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    Translating New Scans

    Yeah, I was hoping that there wouldn't be any flaming in here. ^^ I guess you can't stop some things. And as stated earlier, most of the information is probably in the articles, which I can't read until someone enhances it. Ya know, I was asked to translate these things, and I get yelled at...
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    Translating New Scans

    @Keyblade Shards: I was going to post it in the original topic concerning the new scans, but for some reason it's been locked. Hence I made a new topic. Since I volunteered to translate it when they asked in the thread, I thought I'd post it in the thread. Why it was locked is besides my...
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    Did anyone but me notice this?

    'eh. We'll hopefully get a lot of these questions answered in KH: II, or add on to the list of questions through Trailers. XD That or we'll learn everything in a KH: III. (Here we go again)
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    Translating New Scans

    This I think I can respond to. You can either read Kanji or you can't. If you can: Why don't you translate if it seems to easy and simple to you? If you can't: You don't know shit about Kanji. You can't read it based on a few visible lines out of a sentance. I wish flamers had premise...
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    Translating New Scans

    'eh. All those other Fan Sites I went to said that KH2.net was full of shit. Just as well, when I questioned the translating abilities of DevenKH2 or whoever's translating in the Image Gallery, I was threatened with being banned. So yeah. I really don't have an answer to your question. XP I'm...
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    Translating New Scans

    *sigh* I don't even know how to comment to you 2. @JP: No, I can't read that small Kanji. That's why I asked if someone could enhance the image so it was easier to read. Heck I'm glad I was able to read the yellow part! XD I'm trying though...I'm trying. It's pretty blurry though.
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    Translating New Scans

    KL can post in here as much as he wants! I just don't want him flaming in here like he has in every other topic that speaks of the Deep Dive setting as a world. It seems from other's posts that he's just triyng to cover up his statement that it won't be in KH: II, when it would've been a lot...
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    Translating New Scans

    No offense intended, but that's actually harder to read than the original version. ^^; Thanks for trying, though. You're effort is much appreciated. :D
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    Translating New Scans

    I was able to read the first portion of the large yellow text by the Deep Dive Image, and all I got was: "The town from the Secret Movie" The next part is either another sentence, or the second part of the first sentence. But either way, it ends in "!?" (I was able to see that. XP )
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    Translating New Scans

    As promised, I'm gonna translate to the best of my ability (I can do English and I can do Japanese, but it's really hard to combine them both. ^^; ) the new magazine scans featuring The King coming off the Twilight Town Train and the suppossed "Deep Dive" World. Now before I start translating...
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    Deep Dive World Confirmed!

    Oh. Well then I'm sure the one I translated was just the Japanese text. ^_^;; Either way, I still stand on my point that you need your own translations and can't believe whatever a website tells you. :3 Thank you for correcting me, though.
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    Similarity to Riku and Axel

    The only thing I found odd about Riku was how on the few shots of him jumping/diving off the roof, you see something following him. I've paused it several times, and although it's hard to make out, it does pretty much just look like a Neo Shadow. Why a Neo Shadow would be up there attacking Riku...
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    Deep Dive World Confirmed!

    When I translated it from the Jump Festa Trailer, it said "We are between the light and darkness. We are the darkness." It was just a rough translation, though. So either one of us could be right. ^^;; Anyways, like I said in a thread previous before this, most translations websites (like...