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    drive fourms?????

    I know I'd choose Oblivion but I don't know which other keyblade I'd take. Something to ponder.
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    New Heartless have arisen!

    That's sad. I was looking for a challenge.
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    A Different Aspect

    Good theory. You certainly backed it up well. Just one question on it. (I didn't see the other thread) Why are the Nobodies building an army?
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    Reverse Rebirth 2?

    I wanna play as Riku!
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    Ending Movie/Secret Teaser Trailer *SPOILERS*

    I think these are new characters and I think that this scene takes place in the past. I saw the ending ( the one where you see Sora, Riku, and Kiari reunited and then you see the knights). I noticed that you didn't see the knights trailor until after Sora opened the king's note. I think that...
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    Can Someone fill me in?

    I'd like to know the answer to some of your questions myself. I do know how Namine comes up though. Her and Roxas meet in Twilight Town. If I knew what they were talking about I'd tell you but I don't know Japanese.
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    Great new awsome KH2 theory! READ READ!!! could be huge SPOILERS!!!

    NO, I think Sora's been on Destiny Islands pretty much all his life. I don't know about Roxas though.
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    Luke's KH2 Cutscene Selection (SPOILERS)

    Thanks for the video cut scenes. Roxas is actually cooler than I thought. He acts a lot like Sora. It was actually kinda funny to watch.
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    SPOILERS- Titles Meanings

    I think it's from the past. This reminds me of the keyblade story. You know, the one about the keyblade master who did good and the keyblade master who brought ruin. I get the feeling that the keyblade war had something to do with that.
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    Something unique about Mickey (Spoilers)

    For some reason, I'm not too thrilled by this. I think I'd rather just fight as Sora.
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    Spoilers!!New Ansem Reports Translated!!

    My question is, who is the youngest disciple? It said at the beginning of this translated report that this guy got him to set up the labortory under the castle. This person wouldn't have been mentioned if they weren't important imo. Any ideas?
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    new video, spoilers i guess.....

    That looked like so much fun. I can't wait to do it myself.
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    (spoiler alert) Pics of Knights

    Yeah, I think that, perhaps, at one time there was a lot of keyblade masters, but then something bad happened and now there's only three (those knights).
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    Spoilers- Dark Mode

    Wow. So that form happens randomly? You can't control when it happens? Wonder why Sora would have a power like that?
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    Riku in Org?

    If he was desperate enough than he might throw his keyblade to some random guy and hope he helps. I still think that that was some sort of training session.
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    SPOILERS- Riku?

    I think Riku's hair is too long in KH2. I don't think they should have made him look that way. He looked better in KH.
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    Death in Kingdom Hearts II...

    They're all gonna die. JK. Ummm...I'll put in a vote for BHK's death. Why not? This is such a depressing thread.
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    im a little confuzzled!!

    Yeah, definitely download them. They're really cool. I love the BHK's acrobatics and the fact that they blindfolded Riku. Riku's cooler with a blindfold on.
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    the XIII chart

    It's odd because it's called the 13 pts. chart/map/etc. yet there's only 12 pts. since it ends on two. I like to think of this chart as a map. It think that each pt. leads to the next (even though there's a lot of branches, but some times you have to make a few wrong turns to get some where)...
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    A bunch of info from 2ch (Mega spoilers)

    This is really interesting, especially the one translation where it seems to be talking about the keyblade and how it chooses it's master(s). Thanks.