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    its my birthday :)

    yay im 15 today!!!! i hope my birthday is gonna be awesome! :thumbsup:
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    Tales of phantasia + Tales of Symphonia

    I was watching ToP's anime last night and i found something saying they might make a ToS anime! what do you all think?
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    shuriken school...

    one poor attempt for Nick to copy Naruto... anyway what did you guys think...
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    Kakashi VS. Gai

    who would win if these 2 ninjas fought to the death? I'd say Kakashi but i want to hear what you all think.
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    Sonic vs. Knuckles vs. Shadow

    in a three way fight who would win? i think shadow would win.
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    naruto and hinata music video

    this is a nice little movie showing hinata's affection for naruto tell me what u think about it!!:) http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/269510
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    The Digimon Series!!!

    What season of digimon did you like the best!!
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    the wickerman!!

    is any1 gonna see this movie i am definitly seeing it! it looks pretty cool with the story line and all any way what do u think of the movie?
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    Kappa Mikey

    I really DID'NT LIKE THIS SHOW it was kind of dumb mixing american style drawing with anime it should have been american drawing or anime drawing all together its like mixing 2 universes into one. anyway that's just my opinion what do u all think about it? I give it a...:thumbdown:
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    Fanfiction ► The Keyblade War

    i like where the story's going but i agree with the others fix the paragraphs and be more discriptive. otherwise its a great story!
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    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts Meet You At Roads End

    i hate to be the only 1 to respond 2 this :lol: but i think this is coming along real nicely!
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    Fanfiction ► MY FaNfiC!!@#!!

    i like it so far! keep writing!
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    Fanfiction ► Love is a Funny Thing

    yea yea im a little late but i have to say that was the best damn fan fic ive ever read i really hope you make more! i waslistening to the sanctuary song a while ago and it made me think about this story! nothing can get me to stop thinking about it you are a truly gifted writer!!
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    Fanfiction ► Riku Is The Key

    I liked it! I hope you post more!! :thumbsup:
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    toonami/toonami jetstream

    Whats your favorite show on toonami my favorite is NARUTO!!!!!!!!!!:thumbsup:
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    good news/bad news

    i saw this game on another forum and I thought why not bring it here! its simple you say something the person above you might like but then ruin it by making it horrible! example good news: I transport you to a friendly garden filled with bunnies! example bad news: The bunnies are vicious...