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    old worlds in bbs

    I liked tron. Then again, I think the reason was because it was the only disney world in KH2 that actually had anything to do with the over-arching story.
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    Atlantica songs in english

    The whole reason I wanted to find them is for the songs not used in the movie.
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    Atlantica songs in english

    Was there ever a soundtrack released for the english version of KH2? I really want to find the english versions of the atlantica songs (the japanese ursela hurts my soul) but I can't find any copies of a english KH2 soundtrack or mp3's of the songs without the in game sound effects.
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    Roxas and Sora

    You don't win a sword fight by constantly swinging your sword around. it's not like it is in videogames.... wait... anyway, it was skill that one the battle for sora. and I could see it too. Sora: GRAHHHHHH Roxas: GRAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Riku falls from the sky and hits them both in the head: I...
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    have you beaten the game?

    I finished the game a LONG time ago. I've almost forgoten everything about it. which is bad. XD
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    I'm pretty sure he died. when you hear a random noise and the character doen't come back anymore, they're usually dead.
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    Which character do you hate in CoM?

    riku..... no just kidding. I didn't start hating riku until KH2. in KHCOM, I think the only character I didn't find very fun was Zexion. close second being vexen and marluxia. but beyond all of them, zexion just felt so useless.
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    If you could...

    I would have wanted riku's deck to be customizable. I hated using his preconstructed crap. I could have made much better myself.
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    Deep Jungle?

    I've heard the same. also, if you pay attention to KH1 at the beginging, it mentions tarzans copyright issues seperately from all the other disney characters. it's kinda sad though, whenever I think of Kh1, I think of that world.
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    Oblivion's powers

    I'm pretty sure namine was the source of the mind altering and nothing more. teh cards were probably something random that Marluxia made up for the castle. why? does it make any sense? no, but it makes for a fun battle system for the spin off game.
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    Something I realized from KHCoM(normal GBA one)

    that's not the discusion. what's being discussed is whether or not Xemnas has one. because riku has a keyblade and that was compaired to Xemnas for no understood reason.
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    Billy Zane

    I liked KH1 Xeanort's voice better than the KH2 voice, but more than that, they need to switch aeriths voices back. GOD, I never thought I would say this but mandy moore IS good at something: making aerith sound feminine without sounding emotionless.
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    I believe what they're reffering too is the screaming the characters do in battle. unless they are assuming that the subtitled cutscenes were voiced in the japanese version, in which case, they are very very wrong.
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    Zexion's Weapon Discussion

    from the videos i've seen of KH2:FM, He was using the book as a weapon, so I'm guessing it's the same in RE:COM, but I can't be sure. I'm glad they actually gave him a battle this time, he was pretty lame in the original COM.