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    aqua venn and ? (help)

    what is the last soildiers name... im sorry for making this but i dont have time to look thro the other posts and topiks caqn some 1 help me out
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    KH2FM+ Outside-of-Japan Release Date Speculation

    i rlly rlly do hope it comes to us cuz i hat watching all the cut scenes in japanese:angry:
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    is the es fightable in easy medium or proud?

    every time i see a video the people always say tht it is in critical mode so can u fight him in any other modes?
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    the voice narrorating the begining?

    there could be a ton of people who were narrorating at the begining in the tutorial when they constantly say that sora is the chosen one. just wondering what other people thought it was i always thought it was ansem but now im not sure.
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    the keyblade in kh 2

    has anyone really noticed that the keyblade has really no purpose in kh2 i think they justv stuck tht gummi path thing in there to have a reason to keep the keyblade. dont get me wrong i like the keyblade but i want it to have a purpose
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    out of 10 how good was kh2

    i give it a 8/10 to since ur right the original kh1 had a feel to it tht made u roll up into a ball and have short seizures... but anyway i wish they got that feel back but they didnt:cry: i think the story was alot better involving the keyblade in kh1... in kh2 the keyblade pretty much has no...