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    all attack names in chi

    Just made this for reference, since there aren't any name list converted to English to the best of my knowledge. I use my best approximation of each word. And the names will be direct transliteration from the Japanese name, which means I will use Last Arcanum instead of Ars Arcanum and Sonic...
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    attack animation compilation thread

    With chi nearing the end of its life span, maybe its a good idea to upload attack animations for it? I was gone for a year so I don't have any cards from 2015 other than from the moogle medal trade. In particular I really want to see the animation of noble heart and brave heart. Is there a...
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    why does japanese anime and games feature a younger ver. char so much?

    This is just a trend I am beginning to pick up on since it pops up a lot. So the illustrator designs a child version of the main character and try to shove them in the plot somehow. why does it show up so much and why would the artist go through the trouble to design one in the first place? Is...
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    Sora never fought Axel in KH II

    Then why did Axel kidnap Kairi, and what was that fight in betwixt and between for? Also I want to know what Axel did after Roxas reunited with Sora and while Sora was traversing the Disney worlds. I don't like how he just appears near the end and is gone afterwards. There was no impact on the...
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    Sora never fought Axel in KH II

    It came to my attention that the only boss fights against Axel were both in Roxa's prologue. The Data fight of Axel was just a recreation of Axel vs. Roxas, but just as Sora instead. Either way data fights are non-canon, I believe. Sora has only fought with Axel, not against him. I don't even...
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    10/27 Nicotto Town crossover campaign

    Time period: From 10/27 to 11/27 maintenance begins https://www.nicotto.jp/campaign/kingdomheartschi So go to the page above, below 条件1, press the button there and type your sq bridge user id. Then create a Nicotto Town account and log in. The reward is 30 potions and ethers. Next, complete...