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  1. J

    Kingdom Hearts 2 "roses and thorns"

    rose:The game is so fun, until thorn: you become level 30+ and become a god and it becomes no fun because you win everyfight, even if you play with your feet......
  2. J

    So, when can i go Final?

    Okay i just finished the part and i am now on xigbar and i am wondering, am i able to get final now if i start driving randomly?
  3. J

    Timeless River's Temptation?

    Later in the level Sora and friends are like "So if we are in the past, that means we can change the future!" and they become tempted to change it i guess.......
  4. J

    Deathspank's English Videos

    I love Xaldins and Demyx's voice, Xaldin and Saix are my fav. org members and Demyx coming next, One problem, When xaldin folds his arms behind his back, it looks RIDICULOUSLY RETARDED.........
  5. J

    A little dissapointed.. *spoilers, kinda*

    Bwahahahahaha.......... If the game i have been waiting for, for 3 years, is this strict, i might as well forget about playing kh2....
  6. J

    nunuu Gummi Ship Vid

    Wow hahahahha that was the craziest looking gummiship ever haha....
  7. J

    A little dissapointed.. *spoilers, kinda*

    Then god is merciful.
  8. J

    kh2 activity thread

    Fan boiz everywhere!!!! We must fight back!!!
  9. J

    kh2 activity thread

    I agree, and like god can't even tell what was going through the OP's mind when he decided to make a "ACROSTIC POEM ZOMG ZOMG LAZER BEEMZ ZOMG THAT IS DA SWEEEEET NESS AND I LIKE MAKING USELESS THREADS ZOMG ZOMG"
  10. J

    A little dissapointed.. *spoilers, kinda*

    I guess you're right, but JEEZ...... replace green blood with a smoke? Creative? No, you can tell they did this to get more buyers (the young) and most people dont let their kids play games rate T etc.
  11. J

    kh2 activity thread

    Okay i got a good one, it's a riddle : I am a thread, and I suck.... You guessed it right, THIS THREAD!
  12. J

    Poll:Twin fight

    This thread sucks. period.
  13. J

    A little dissapointed.. *spoilers, kinda*

    Yeah i am PISSED, the other day i saw the hydra fight from na for the first time, and i was like wow cant wait to see the green gunk! and wtf? some smoke comes out the neck, lung cancer ftw? no it sucks, and i hope the ESRB and Disney companies explode and SE take care of kh by themselves.....
  14. J


    Costs 30$ ?
  15. J

    english video(s) of roxas **possible spoilers**

    older than my grandma, and she's dead but it's good for people who havent seen it.....
  16. J

    How many XIII cameo's are there in the game?

    13 letters in "Gummi Ship ROFL" haha
  17. J

    Why use a guide?

    I only buy the LE things for their features, other than that, Gamefaqs.com for the win!
  18. J

    Form Abilities

    That is Aerial Recovery, helps you retain your air time after being hit mid-air.........
  19. J

    are you excited about kh2

    Kingdom Hearts 2? What is that? Oh, am I excited about it? Yes I am I have been waiting for 3 years, stranger! Who would say no?
  20. J

    Namine and Kairi

    I was seriously thinking the same thing...... can someone explain why Kairi has a "shadow" ?