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    Which KH2 character would u date or go out with?

    Never gonna happen but...definitely SORA! Or maybe Roxas...
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    Which Character grew up the most

    I think Riku and Kairi changed A LOT! Their appereances look different than the first game. Sora just gotten taller, and his voice changed but other than that he stays the same.
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    passio or sanctuary?

    I like passion better, because I think it goes with the video opening better. Especially the part where kairi and namine spoke part of the lyrics. It just fits passion better.
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    Sora is too naive in KH2

    But I think that what made them so cute! Especially Sora!
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    the kh2 commercial is at kh-2.net!

    Re: KH2 comercial. Me too! I just saw it on G4!!!!
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    When are they going to realsease a kh2 commercial?

    Yeah, maybe it will come this week. I need to keep an eye on G4!
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    Who else liked Roxas voice?

    I like both Roxas and Sora's voices. Sora's voice is so deep, perfect for the fact that he grew. And Jessie did a good job with roxas's voice! Thank god for that!
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    For all you KH2 nerds ;)

    I downloaded it, but I'm not even sure if it's utada hikaru who sang it.
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    Kh2 realsed on 30th not 28th.....

    Just as long as it arrive no later than march
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    Does KH2 look fun after you spoiled yourself? (NO SPOILERS PLZ)

    I spoiled myself too, just a tiny bit. So it's like pieces of puzzle to me. And it make me really wanna play the game to find out the whole thing! So yes, KH2 is still FUN for me!
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    Coolest clothes

    The Valor from is awsome! I just love red and black! But Roxas outfit is okay too.
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    funny KH2 video

    That's so funny!! Hilarious!
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    Roxy and Friends

    Well, I don't mind sitting on the edge of a clock tower. As long as you're not afraid of height, it's okay.
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    Kh2 SOUNDTRACK!!!! yay

    Yeah, me too. I got a 404 error.
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    feelings about KH2.

    I'm feeling excited! I've been waiting do long and I can't wait to play it! But is the ending really going to be sad?? Wait, don't answer that! I don't want any spoiler!
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    What are you most looking forward to do in KH2?

    I'm really looking forward for the storyline to deepen!
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    KH2 official site

    Yeah the official website is launched. and hopefully SE will update it, someday.......Maybe....
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    something about roxas (may contain spoiler)

    Some people can be slow on information. But at least now you know! :p
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    Sora's english voice actor

    Haley's voice sure is change. But it's still fit Sora! I can't believe he's that guy in IGPX! I have to see the cartoon, hear it myself, and see the credits with my own eyes!!! But the link won't let me hear the japanese ver. of under the sea! I wish I could hear it, though...
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    Your Favorite KH / KH2 Quotes

    My favorite quotes: "The one who knows nothing, can understand nothing..."-Ansem to Sora "This time I'll protect you!"-Kairi to Sora "I know now, without a doubt, Kingdom Hearts...is LIGHT!"-Sora to Ansem